You Say You ONLY Have 10 Minutes?

You only have 10 minutes . . .

I saw some similar posts going around a few weeks ago, and wanted to share my thoughts with you as well. Many people say they don’t have time to get healthy and fit. Say you only have 10 minutes in your day. Here are 10 things you could do with 10 minutes:

1. All those doctor appointments you have been putting off? Take the 10 minutes and schedule them now. Even if it is for 6 months in the future, you will be glad you did. Whether for you, your hubby, or your kids.

2. Workout! You can fit in a great workout in 10 minutes. Search YouTube or use an online subscription site. Turn on your favorite music and dance. Write down your favorite 10 exercises and do each one for 1 minute – as many as you can.

3. Take a walk. Just walk out your front door (whether your home or office) and go as far as you can in 5 minutes then turn around and go back. If you happen to be near a park or nature trail, even better (but not necessary).

4. Practice self-care. Stressed out? Never make time for yourself? Take these 10 minutes and put on some fabulous smelling lotion. Take a quick hot shower with some essential oils. Lay down and close your eyes. Schedule a pampering day for yourself.

5. Meditate. Again, search YouTube or the tons of meditation apps. is another one I sometimes use.

6. Grab your planner/calendar and set aside time for the next week(s) to workout or attend your favorite group fitness class.

7. Have you been wanting to join a gym and haven’t found the time? Spend these 10 minutes asking questions to your friends on Facebook or Googling the gym you are thinking about.

8. Whether at home or your office, find the nearest healthiest snack and take 10 minutes to savor and enjoy it.

9. Do a short meal planning session for the next few days so you are ready when you go grocery shopping. Don’t meal plan? Just find a couple new to you recipes that sound amazing and make your shopping list.

10. Laugh. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Is there a friend you makes you laugh? Call him/her and chat for 10 minutes.

What do you do when you ONLY have 10 minutes?




4 Responses to “You Say You ONLY Have 10 Minutes?”

  1. These are awesome! I’m going to make my drs apts in a few minutes when I have my little break 🙂