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Good morning and TGIF! Ready for the weekend? We are supposed to have another RAINY three-day event starting tomorrow. I am actually ok with that as Saturday and Sunday I have LIVE webinars from IIN.

I saw the doctor yesterday. In his words, I can start LIGHT activity. Not far, not fast, and not often, but LIGHT activity were his specific instructions. But, I also need to do better about elevating my leg and icing it throughout the day. I was hoping to go walk with hubby and our friend J last night, but by the time I got home for work and a work event, my leg was pretty swollen. So, I was a good patient and got in bed to elevate and ice. I certainly don’t want to rush recovery and injure my leg even worse.


Did you enjoy yesterday’s pinning party? To continue the love for Pinterest, I brought you a guest post with some fabulous yoga and fitness pinterest boards.

Helpful Yoga & Fitness Pinterest Boards

In today’s fast-paced world of non-stop stimulation and food on the go, staying fit and healthy has become a task that most of us need to keep in mind on a daily basis. Slow things down by indulging in yoga and other fitness activities aimed at helping you to stay in shape, offsetting a fast life with a slow and gentle exercise routine.


Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to practicing yoga and focusing on fitness or you’re years deep in a steady routine, check out these six helpful yoga and fitness Pinterest boards for inspiration, motivation and new ideas:


Focusing on providing imagery outlining the many possible yoga poses available to all practitioners, this Pinterest board is moderated by the yoga professionals at and aims to help you to build a full-featured routine that is just right for you. Images on this board are often associated with a link to further information, including instructions for working towards and achieving even the most difficult yoga postures, along with information regarding the backgrounds of the many facets of the practice itself.

2. Healthy Me


Looking to instruct and inspire is the Healthy Me Pinterest board, a small corner of the web dedicated to hosting images aimed at helping to motivate while also providing the infographics necessary to provide instruction. Focusing on exercise as a weight loss tool, Healthy Me aims to inspire with stunning before and after pictures while adding in instructional images that outline the exercises that should be used when simple weight loss is the goal.

3. Fitness by Sarah Dussault

Mixing the traditional imagery found on Pinterest with a host of unique videos, fitness guru Sarah Dussault plays host to a series of visual tips and tricks meant to kickstart your exercise and yoga routine, whether it’s brand new or long-established. With videos ultra-focused and very highly instructional, even complicated poses and routines are explained in a clear and concise enough manner to get anyone on board, helping this Pinterest board to serve as a great source of instruction – and inspiration!

4. Get Moving, Get Buff

From dieting to exercise to all-out muscle-building, the Get Moving, Get Buff Pinterest board offers motivational images alongside graphs and other information-focused pictures and videos, offering a full serving of motivation through the wonders of statistics and science. Exercise and dieting information is the focus, with healthy recipes for meals, snacks and smoothies to be found throughout, making this a great all-around source for yoga and general fitness information.

5. Get in Shape

Get in Shape

Progressing from overweight and out of shape to healthy and fit can be more difficult than words can describe, creating a struggle for millions of people around the world every day. With this obviously in mind, the Get in Shape Pinterest board is filled with dieting tips, exercise regimens, yoga routines and healthy recipes that aim to aid in the fight against excess fat in every one of us.

Embrace the whole package of attitude, eating habits and exercise as you progress towards your weight goal, obtaining bits and pieces of information, instruction and inspiration from Get in Shape as you go.

6. Health and Medical News

Understanding that diet and exercise are the two main paths to a physically healthy lifestyle is one thing; keeping up with the many twists and turns taken by modern research into the matter is quite another! This Pinterest board provides visual aids as you explore the latest news and research from among the sciences of human fitness, helping you to understand not only the basics, but the detailed particulars of the choices that you must make in order to achieve your goals.

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Author Byline: This post was written by Anna Fox, who writes about fitness and extreme diets, and is passionate about healthy food, active lifestyle, and self-improvement.

If you are on Pinterest, please leave a link to your board in the comments so I can follow them. What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?



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