Yoga & Core Barre: My Initial Thoughts

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Whew! Sitting down to blog and hoping I can get back up once I am through. Just finished 60 minutes of yoga followed by 60 minutes of core barre at my new gym.

Since this was the first time for taking both of these classes at the National Fitness Center Signature Club, thought I would do a mini review of each.



  • The instructor was FABULOUS. OJ (the instructor) was a guy probably 50+. He definitely made the yoga class and had his own style.
  • The right amount of stretching, moving, flow, and relaxing.
  • Yoga mats and blocks provided.
  • Lights definitely made for a yoga studio as they dim!
  • Encouraged everyone to work at their own level and not compete with others.


  • The studio is next to the spinning class and across from the cardio theater so it is kind of noisy.
  • They didn’t have any blankets (something I am used to using) available for use.
  • Completely full room (a pro for the gym). They might need to consider having two Saturday morning yoga classes.

Core Barre


  • Mats, balls, and weighted balls provided.
  • Fun, upbeat music.
  • Great total body workout.


  • I did not like the instructor as well as the yoga instructor.
  • The instructor never said “go at your own pace”, “take a break if needed”, “make sure you are getting water”, etc. These are things I think as especially important when half the class is new.
  • There were no modifications for any exercise offered.

I will definitely be doing both classes again. I want to give Core Barre another shot with a different instructor.

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What makes or breaks a group exercise class for you?

Have a healthy day!


7 Responses to “Yoga & Core Barre: My Initial Thoughts”

  1. A good instructor makes or breaks a good group class. Even better if its someone I “click” with, not just good at leading the class. A great workout or yoga session can be *almost* completely ruined for me with a not-so-great instructor.

    Maybe that means I’m way too picky.

  2. I take barre and yoga classes every week, and the instructor makes all the difference. I think offering modifications is so important. I also really like someone with a sense of humor.

  3. I like a class that can offer modifications with an instructor who is personable is really important! Great information on the buds too! I have a problem trying to find buds for my ears so I will try these out! xo SPA TDFA <3