World Class Fitness in the Least Fit City

Disclosure: I was invited to Media Day as a local blogger. I am not being paid for this blog post. I am personally paying every penny of my membership. I truly just love this facility and want to share it with everyone.

Happy Hump Day! Hard to believe it is Wednesday already. My to-do list is insanely long today, hoping I can get it all done.

National Fitness Center Signature Club

Monday I was lucky enough to get invited to Media Day at National Fitness Center’s Signature Club. Yes, this is my new gym. About 20-30 people representing all sorts of media showed up and were treated to a grand tour.

National Fitness Center Signature Club

Some interesting facts I learned:

  • The inspiration for the gym came about 8 years ago, but due to the recession had to be put on hold.
  • We are the only gym in our state with some of the equipment and the only gym in the country to combine the spin bikes we use with the theater system.
  • Not only are there men’s and women’s locker rooms, there are family locker rooms available.
  • Much thought was put into our knees and our long-term health with all the different types of flooring that went in.
  • The facility does a lot with youth sports and hopes to do more.
  • The child care area has a “Chucke Cheese” type check in and out system. The parent who checks the child in MUSTcheck the child out.
  • They are actually renting out the climbing wall area for birthday parties.
  • Over 80 fitness classes are offered per week including all the Les Mills classes, yoga, pilates, aqua classes, and more.
National Fitness Center Signature Club

One thing that REALLY excited me was seeing the new yoga floor being put down. The original floor was not installed with the proper adhesive so a new type of flooring was ordered and was being placed during our tour. That means yoga, pilates, barre, and more will be available soon. My goal is to make it to at least one yoga class per week.

The media ooohed and aaahed over the club. It is definitely a one of a kind in Knoxville and most likely the state. It is not 100% finished yet, but definitely getting close.

Another item the facility wants to work on? Knoxville’s TOP ranking for being the LEAST fit city in the country. They want to try to do something about this with some community wide campaigns. I think that is a fantastic idea and you can bet I will be volunteering to help.

National Fitness Center Signature Club

They say if you build it, people will come. That is certainly true in this case. National Fitness Center built a start of the art, 120,000 square foot facility and Knoxville has welcomed them with open arms. How do I know? The parking lot was so full on Monday and Tuesday evening that people were making parking spaces, parking along the road, and parking in the grass.

Well done National Fitness Center! Thanks for inviting me to your Media Day and I look forward to being a long-time member.


4 Responses to “World Class Fitness in the Least Fit City”

  1. I love my new town—but MISS MISS MISS gyms like this which we had all over Austin.

  2. I’m a member of this gym chain, and I love it. The ladies in charge if kid care in Maryville are SO GREAT! Everything through the gym is always clean, and my location has been open for about 3 years! I love the pictures of the pool- it is much nicer than our pool at my location. I will also have to check into renting the climbing wall this fall! Thanks for sharing this post- now I really want to go up to Knoxville to check it out!