Women’s Only Fitness Area

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week! Today is officially a REST day for me and I am quite excited about it.

So, I finally found something about my new gym that I am not in love with. What is it? The women’s only fitness area. Yep, that’s right. An area dedicated just to women.

Let’s start with the positives:

  • There are two doors entering the area and one is directly from the women’s locker rooms. For those women who really don’t want to be seen, they can go straight into the fitness room after changing.
  • There are no windows from inside the gym, but the back wall is all windows and provides tons of natural sunlight.
  • There is a water fountain inside the room.
  • They have machines, free weights, mats, stability balls, and some cardio machines.
  • It is clean and quiet.

Now, let me share what I DIDN’T like with you. The Life Fitness equipment that was chosen for the room. Here is a picture of the chest press machine:

Life Fitness Chest Press

There is no way to adjust the machines. Whether you are 5′, 6′, or somewhere in between, everyone uses the machine in the same position. All of the machines upstairs are adjustable, some in two or three places. Do they think women can’t figure out HOW to adjust the machines? Do they think women are all the same size? Who decided this was a good idea?

Also, the machines don’t list weights – just numbers from 1 to ???. Press in more numbers for more resistance, pull out for less. Seriously? You think women don’t want to know how much weight they are working with? I have a much better chance of remembering what weight I last did on a bicep machine then remembering what number. And if you then wanted to move upstairs to the machines, you wouldn’t know how much you had been lifting.

Another thing about the equipment that bothered me is while there was a silhouette of a woman doing the exercise, the silhouettes of the muscles being used were men. Um, hello? Makes no sense whatsoever.

I guess my real problem with this room is the Life Fitness equipment. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have gotten some of the same machines that are upstairs for the women’s only area. I definitely won’t be utilizing this area of the gym.

What are your thoughts about women only areas in gyms? Do you use weight machines – do you adjust them each time?

Have a healthy day!


6 Responses to “Women’s Only Fitness Area”

  1. Hmmmm I am not sure how I feel about this. I know Curves gym was originally created just for women, but I am not even sure they exist any more. I like the idea, but I think it is just further segregating. I like the fact I can keep up with men in races, and I like that I can become stronger in my lifting (even though compared to guys my weights are still low). This was an interesting read though, glad you really looked into the negatives, and I cant believe you cant adjust the machine!!!!

    • Glenneth

      that was my biggest problem with the area – the machines can’t be adjusted. i don’t really need to since i am “average” height. but i saw a couple of women really struggling (they were 5′). how is that helping them if they wind up doing the exercise wrong or with improper form?

  2. There is no women’s area in my gym {I think they are illegal in California – seriously} but there is the OLD women’s area where the machines are slightly smaller, so they are perfect for me since I’m only 5’1″

  3. My gym doesn’t have a women’s only area, but there is one whole location of this gym that is women only. I haven’t been but I understand it is very popular.

    I don’t like those machines so your women’s only fitness area in your gym wouldn’t suit me. But I like the IDEA of a women’s only area if it were properly fitted out.

    • Glenneth

      i do like the idea of a women’s only area and used to belong to a women’s only gym. i just think this one needs better equipment.