Wisdom Wednesday: Walking

Good morning and Happy Hump Day!

I am currently fighting some kind of infection, cold, something. I saw the nurse practitioner at the urgent care clinic on Monday. No fever and no infection, but lots of fluid build up and pressure. She has me taking Claratin D and some kind of steroid nasal spray. Not sure either are working. One thing getting sick reminded me of is that we don’t have a thermometer. So, this forehead thermometer is due today from Amazon (gotta love Amazon prime).

Forehead Thermometer

Saw this about walking yesterday on Facebook and knew I had to share with you. What if you walked a mile a day? That’s approx. 20 minutes or less (depending on your walking speed). That’s only about 1.4% of your day.

Walk A Mile

Where could you walk?

* Around your neighborhood
* Around your office building
* On a greenway
* On a treadmill
* To the store (depending on where you live)

When could you walk?

* Before you leave for work in the morning
* At lunch
* Take 2 – 10 minute walking breaks during the day at work
* After work
* After dinner as a family

What do you think about walking (or even running a mile a day)? Where would you walk? When would you walk?

Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “Wisdom Wednesday: Walking”

  1. Feel better.

    Movement is movement. When I had a desk job, I would always go walking on my lunch break, if the weather was decent. I could squeeze several miles into an hour, and it was a great way to keep moving.