Why I Ditched The Scale . . .

Over a year ago, I gave up weighing myself. Cold turkey. Just stopped. Since then, I have not been on a single scale. Not at my house. Not at the gym. And not at the doctor (more on this below).

Why I Ditched The Scale

Why did I ditch the scale? Because I was obsessed with the number on the scale. I was the person who religiously weighed EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I would get up, go to the bathroom, get undressed, and weigh. And then I would log that number. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I have notes somewhere with years worth of daily weigh-ins.

Weighing every day was tiring, depressing, elating, and more. And there absolutely no reason for me to let that scale (or the number shown on it) determine how I felt that day, how I felt about myself, or more importantly, what I did for the day. WE ARE NOT A NUMBER.

Some people will tell you that your weight defines how healthy you are. I call bullshit. There are so many factors that go into your health. How you feel, how much sleep you get, how much activity you get, your cholesterol level, your blood pressure, genetics, etc. But way too many people rely solely on one source – the scale.

Let’s talk doctors. I have been to my GP far more times than year than I would have liked. Every time the nurse says to step on the scale. And every time since I stopped weighing, I have said – “No I don’t need to.” Multiple arguments have ensued (with the nurse only, my doctor has never mentioned it). I learned to say (thanks to the wonderful Health at Every Size Facebook group), “You can mark down that the patient refused this test.” Did you know that? Did you know you have the right to refuse any test or metric you want at the doctors? Why are they weighing you? To write a number in a box. To assign that number to you. More often than not, that number has nothing to do with why you are there.

At my OB/GYN annual checkup last week, the nurse motioned me to get on the scale. In my brain I thought “here we go again.” I politely said “No thank you.” And off to the exam room we went. Nothing was ever said about me not weighing.

Since I ditched the scale last year, I think I have been happier overall about myself and my health. I am concentrating on overall health and wellness and not letting the number on the scale define me. I do know that I have been giving blood every couple months since then and my cholesterol level continues to go down (and it was never high to begin with). My blood pressure is normal. My blood work is all “normal.” And other than the issues I have had with my foot, I feel really good.

Am I the “thinnest” I have ever been? No. Am I probably the happiest and healthiest I have ever been? Yes. And truly, that’s really all that matters. Not a number on a scale.



5 Responses to “Why I Ditched The Scale . . .”

  1. Id totally forgotten about my CHECK IN JEANS until your post.
    I wonder if I still have them?
    Id never have tossed my scale without them…

  2. Couldn’t agree with you! It’s been a few weeks now, since I’ve ditched and I have no plans to go back. Healthier choices makes a happier me!!