What’s The One . . . ?

I was making breakfast the other morning and was thinking, what was the one thing I would hate to run out of in the kitchen. So I came up with this fun survey…

What's The One . . . -

What’s the one . . .

Healthy food you never want to run out of

Peanut Butter – especially on low carb days.

“Non” healthy food you never want to run out of

Dark chocolate covered almonds (and sadly our grocery store runs out of them frequently)

Kitchen appliance you would hate to lose

Blender. Seriously. I would be lost.

Self-care item you stock at all times

Essential oils – especially lavender and thieves

Self-care service you never miss

Hair color – I tried doing it myself for a while and it was not pretty.

Piece of equipment at the gym you would miss

The leg press.

Fitness class you hope never goes out of style

Yoga! (not that I am doing any right now, but I need to know the option is there)

Piece of workout clothing you must have

Brooks Running Shoes

Fitness gadget you cannot live without

Wireless headphones

Fitness or health app you would hate to see go away

Currently loving MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness (which are very related)

Thing or item you must do/have to go to sleep

Lavender essential oil and lip balm

Body part you love the most

My legs! Even with all my leg and foot problems I love how strong they are!

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26 Responses to “What’s The One . . . ?”

  1. now I need to google or hit YOU up for info: THIEVES?? Is that an oil? what does it do?

  2. This looks like a fun one! :D!! I may have to borrow it for my blog at some point, hehehe. The kitchen appliance question would be difficult though. ._.

  3. Until this morning I would have said my required appliance was my dishwasher (brand new and AWESOME!). But then, after I loaded all my smoothie ingredients, my blender wouldn’t turn on. I’m hoping it’s just a fluke and it will not be dead.

    • blenders are just staples of the kitchen. i can hand wash dishes, but i cannot hand blend my smoothies! hope your blender is alive and well now!

  4. I love fun posts like this! I need to find a good pair of wireless headphones – I bought a pair but they’re pretty cheap and not that comfy and the sound is off. That’s on my wish list!

    • wireless headphones are so fabulous when working out or walking. mine are LG that i got from a verizon campaign.

  5. I love this survey! I would never be able to make it without my blender either. I use it so often for all kinds of recipes, smoothies, etc. Do you mind if I use this survey in my own post?

  6. I love this survey! My blender is definitely one kitchen appliance I couldn’t do without. I use it for so much! Do you mind if I share my answers to this survey on my blog?

    • absolutely! feel free to use on your blog!!! i love that so many of us answered blender!

    • i don’t have a hand juicer. i have a regular juicer – which i hate because the cleanup is so hard.

  7. This was such a fun read! I would be lost without my blender, too! My protein shakes just wouldn’t be the same!