What If?

Good morning! Yesterday’s new workout was quite successful:

  • 30 minutes of weights – arm day (7 exercises, 3 sets, 12 reps each)
  • 10 minutes on the arc trainer
  • 5 minute cool down on the treadmill

The only thing I forgot was the 5 minute cardio warmup. And that’s because I was so excited to try my new workout. My arms are a little sore this morning and I expect it to get worse throughout the day. Today is leg day! I will keep you posted.

No Magic Pill

Thought I would play along with Kenlie’s Friend Makin’ Monday. Of course, as usual, I am a day late. But here we go!

What If . . .

1. If you had something in your teeth would you want someone to tell you, or would you prefer to figure it out on your own?

PLEASE tell me. Maybe do it subtly, but let me know. Please. Thanks!

2. If you had to listen to one song on repeat all day today, which song would you choose?

Clair De Lune.

3. If you could trade places with someone famous, with whom would you trade?

Reese Witherspoon.

4. If you could speak another language fluently, which one would you speak?


5. If you could read one person’s mind right now whose would you choose?

I am going with hubby’s mind.

6. If you were forced to go back in time, which period of your life would you choose?

If I was forced, right after high school graduation. I would have gone to a “local” college to figure out what I wanted to do before heading to a large university and spending SIX long years there figuring it out.

7. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

The Cosby Show or Friends

8. If you had to give up twitter or Facebook, which would you choose?

I love Twitter, but so much of my life (and work) is on Facebook, so I would have to pick Twitter.

9. If you could have a present today, what would you want?

Probably the new iPad that is coming out this Friday. Either that or a cook/maid for a year.

10. If you had to choose between celebrating Halloween or Christmas, which would you choose?


Answer one (or more) of the questions below or leave the link to your post.

Have a healthy day!


6 Responses to “What If?”

  1. I loved me some twitter back in the day.
    meh 🙂
    Id be FACEBOOK McGee

  2. If I could go back in time it would definitely be to college. I would have started my healthy living journey then rather than afterward, though admittedly I’m not sure if I was ready for it emotionally at that time.

  3. I would start with the day my darling daughter was 5 years old and go forward from there. So many things I wish we had done or done differently – such a great child and now lovely lady.

  4. I would most certainly choose CHRISTMAS over HALLOWEEN any day of the year!! I ABHOR Halloween. You don’t get a day off, it’s full of people eating candy, girls dressing up like 1/2 naked idiots, people staying out late and being loud and drinking… BLAHHHH!!! Not my bag of spinach 😉 Christmas on the other hand, everyone is relaxing, sipping classy drinks, if any at all, having a good time around the tree… Ahhhhhhh so nice!

    • Glenneth

      I love Christmas as well – much more relaxing. I do love little kids coming to our house trick or treating. We just don’t dress up, go to Halloween costume parties, etc. Very low key for us.