What Does Body Positivity Mean?

What Does Body Positivity Mean?

I refer to myself as a body positive health and fitness coach. Sure you know what a health and fitness coach is, but do you know why I added the words “body positive?”

Urban Dictionary defines body positivity as “Accepting your body as it is and attempting to make everyone else feel comfortable in their own skin as well.”

Looking at that definition – it means loving and accepting your body as is. We have been taught that if we don’t look like some “ideal” model, we aren’t perfect and are therefore less. It also means no body shaming and not joining in when other’s shame either their own bodies or strangers. We need to stop comparing ourselves and others to some imaginary ideal.

So what if my thighs are bigger than the typical woman? Bid deal. These thighs power me through the day and through 5Ks. They help me leg press over 400 pounds. I can choose to either be ashamed of them or to love and accept them – and appreciate them.

Want to know the best place to appreciate what a body of any size can do? A race. Watch the finish line of a race and see all those fabulous bodies crossing the finish line. They are both old and young of all shapes and sizes. Yay for our bodies!

I also love what Nichollette says on her blog:

“Body positivity in its simplest form is a rebellion against body shaming, especially as it relates to women.”

“Body positivity is a personal choice of body acceptance . . . ”

I am done with listening to women mock their body and make fun of themselves. Stop it. None of us are perfect. The models in the magazines aren’t perfect – they are photoshopped. I try to encourage women in my life who body shame themselves to look at how wonderful their bodies are – look at what they can do! Stop the negativity! Stop those thoughts in your head!

This blog (and my social media networks) are a safe place. No body shaming allowed. I want us to lift each other up and encourage each other for what we can do – regardless of how our body looks.

I can look at the picture above and choose to find fault, or I can look at the picture and love what I am putting out there. Jumping with joy!

Next time you start to shame yourself (or someone else) stop. Think about it. Why are you saying/doing what you are doing? How can you put a positive spin on it? How can you learn to love your body? How can I help you?



3 Responses to “What Does Body Positivity Mean?”

  1. This is such a great post because we talk so much about being body positive but rarely do we pause to define it.
    I’m going to a conference this weekend called “we are girls.”
    All girls about ages 11 to 15. I am so eager to see if attitudes are much different in the next generations?

  2. Love this post! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to what you see everywhere, but you are right, models are photoshopped and how they look isn’t even real. It’s taken losing a whole bunch of weight and growing (a little) older and wiser about what is beautiful to understand that the “ideals” of many people are simply silly. Each one of us is pretty darn amazing and we should definitely celebrate that.