Weekly Workout Schedule

Good morning and Happy Monday! Yesterday was absolutely amazing weather-wise. Check out these photos from Big Ridge State Park:

Dark Hallow Wallow
Dark Hallow Wallow

While hubby ran a trail race, I hiked to the dam (about a mile round trip). Middle of February and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Loved all the fresh air and blue skies. Crazy to think this week they are calling for freezing temps and more snow.

Last Week’s Workouts

Scheduled: Mother-in-Law’s Birthday Dinner
Actual: Mother-in-Law’s Birthday Dinner plus NASM studying

Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday
Scheduled: Study Day
Actual: lots and lots of NASM studying

Scheduled: Certified Personal Trainer Exam Day
Actual: PASSED the CPT exam!!! WOOHOO!!!

Scheduled: Relax and hopefully celebrate!
Actual: Enjoyed the great outdoors and hiked about a mile

This Week’s Workouts

Monday – Core Barre or Deep Water Pool (depends on my hip)
Tuesday – Hair cut and color (rest day)
Wednesday – Body Combat
Thursday – HIIT Training
Friday – Probably a rest day
Saturday – Level 1 Training or Yoga and/or Core Barre (so many options)
Sunday – Body Combat

I am very excited to get back to the gym this week. The week off was much-needed to study, but time to MOVE again.

How was your weekend? Do you ever take entire weeks off from activity? Have you scheduled your workouts?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Weekly Workout Schedule”

  1. ever since I became an INTUITIVE exerciser I DO take weeks off….weekS…and it’s just what works for me.