Weekly Workout Roundup


Mondays are a great day to start fresh. Did you overindulge on the weekend? Try to amp up your fruits and veggies today. Have you been skipping your workouts? Why not plan to #MoveItMonday? Your body won’t start changing until you start making changes.

Let’s talk workouts . . .

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week I decided to play my workouts by ear and not schedule anything, this is what happened:

Monday – 15 minutes arms, 10 minutes treadmill (really wasn’t feeling it this day)
Tuesday – 20 minute treadmill, 60 minute group circuit class
Wednesday – Rest/injured day (you can read about my injury HERE)
Thursday – 60 minute power yoga class, 60 minute core barre class
Friday – 30 minute treadmill
Saturday – 15 minutes treadmill, 60 minute group circuit class
Sunday – 10 minute treadmill, 60 minute yoga class

That’s 400 minutes of activity for the week. Not bad at all. There was only one complete rest day and that was mainly more about my injury than resting. I need to start writing down what we do in group circuit class (changes each time) so I can share it with you.

This week starts the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge and I would have earned 40 points for all of that (10 minutes activity = 1 point). I will aim for that same amount this week. We also get 1 point for eating 7-9 servings of fruits/veggies and 1 point for drinking our water. I know the water will be a breeze for me. I am going to have to concentrate and plan for the fruits/veggies.

This Week’s Workouts

I am planning to play it by ear again this week. I know what classes I have planned for tonight and tomorrow. I suspect I will wind up taking Wednesday as a rest day since that will be one full week since I had one. I need to start walking longer times on the treadmill (or outside) as I have a 5K coming up at the end of the month.

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week ahead?

Have a healthy day!


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  1. oh
    I LOVE that quote as it captures what I FAILED to capture in a convo last night with the child.

    thank goodness for mondays.