Weekly Workout Roundup + 5K PR

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend (for those of you in the USA). I took the long weekend off blogging and it was fabulous. I got lots of things done on my to-do list, spent some time by the pool, went off-roading with hubby, dinner with friends a couple of nights, and some online shopping. It was fantastic to have three whole days free. You can tell by the below what I didn’t do though.


Let’s talk workouts . . .

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – Rest/Recovery
Tuesday – 30 minute walk outside
Wednesday – Rest/Recovery
Thursday – Rest/Recovery
Friday – Rest/Recovery
Saturday – PR’ed in a 5K 48:11
Sunday – Rest/Recovery

So, you probably notice my lack of workouts this week. By the time I got to work Monday my left foot was killing me and I knew something was wrong. I got an afternoon appointment to see the doctor and learned I had sprained my foot during the weekend. To prevent it from getting worse, my doctor and I decided I would take most of the week off to let it rest and that I would ice it every night. It was very important to me to be able to walk in the 5K on Saturday, so I stayed off my foot as much as possible.

That seems to have worked in that I PR’ed in the 5K:

Expo 5K

This was not the first time for me doing this Expo 5K, but it was a new course. Extremely hilly! I was walking to music and about at mile 2 I realized I could possibly PR. I also realized how bad my left foot was hurting. Decided to just go for it and see what happened. Very pleased with my PR. Came home and immediately went back to icing my foot.

This Week’s Workouts

Yes I know I am already a day late. Here are my tentative plans:

Monday – Rest Day/Memorial Day
Tuesday – Core Barre or Strength Training
Wednesday – Strength Training or Core Barre
Thursday – Yoga or Core Barre
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Strength Training or Yoga
Sunday – Strength Training or Yoga

You will notice a lot of ORs above. I am going to play the week by ear and see how my foot feels. What I won’t be doing are two back to back Core Barre classes. I think taking them 3-4 days in a row is what helped aggravate my foot. This week I am to workout and then next week my doctor wants to see me again if my foot is still hurting.

I am definitely looking forward to getting back to my routine, but I won’t lie. It was nice taking some time off. I got a lot done and my foot is feeling much better.

How was your long weekend? Any big plans for the week ahead?

Have a healthy day!


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  1. I LOVE YER ORs.
    thats how I am lately a lot too.
    many PLAN Bs just in case.