Weekly Workout Roundup


Good morning and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Can you believe today is the LAST day of March? Tomorrow starts a new month and the second quarter of 2014.

My weekend was fairly calm. Dinner with friends and hubby Friday. Saturday morning workout plus packet pickup and some shopping at the Marathon Expo. Rest of Saturday was spent cleaning, doing laundry, computer items, and a much-needed nap. Sunday was the 5K for me and half for hubby. Then a little yard work and the grocery store. The remainder of Sunday was RELAXING. Now for a busy week ahead!

Let’s talk workouts . . .

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 10 minute stretch, 40 minute treadmill, 60 minute Core Barre
Tuesday – 10 minute stretch, Work Event (lots of just standing)
Wednesday – 40 minute treadmill, 30 minute Core Barre
Thursday – 60 minute Power Yoga
Friday – 10 minute stretch / rest day
Saturday – 10 minute stretch, 20 minute treadmill, 40 minute circuit training
Sunday – Walked a 5K in 50:16

CHKM 2014

Only one true rest day in there because the work event wore me out. Walking is OK, standing in place is torture. Had a blast at Sunday’s 5K – there would be pictures but my fingers were FROZEN and I refused to take off my big fuzzy gloves. All day yesterday I found I was more sore than I should really be from a 5K. Then I thought about Saturday’s workout and realized my soreness probably stems from the circuit training.

This Week’s Workouts

Monday – Since I am super sore, I am thinking treadmill + hot tub + pool class
Tuesday – Circuit Training Class + Yoga
Wednesday – Homeowner’s meeting
Thursday – Hair cut and color
Friday – Treadmill
Saturday – Circuit Training Class
Sunday – Yoga

With Tuesday being a new month, there will be a new class schedule so I won’t be sure what is being offered until this afternoon when I see the new schedule. Hoping they start to offer more 5:00PM classes, but I guess they figure a lot of people who work can’t make those (they seem to start at 5:30 or 6:00).

How do you plan to #MoveItMonday? Even if only 10 minutes, try to get some activity in today. Walking will definitely be the majority of my #MoveItMonday agenda. My calves are super tight and I need to stretch them out.

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week ahead?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Weekly Workout Roundup”

  1. no school here today so our MOVE IT will be of the WITH THE CANINE variety 🙂

  2. lots of great workouts for you!! i get an ultrasound today for baby itz which i’m totally stoked about because itz been about four months since my last one!!