Weekly Workout Roundup

Hello! How’s your week going? We are having a crazy busy week at work and today will be the craziest! Luckily I have something fun planned for this evening – I am going to my first meeting of a women’s shooting club. I really have no idea what to expect.

Time For Fitness

Let’s talk workouts. I hope to continue to share my workouts with you throughout the year.

Wednesday, January 7 – 30 minutes on the treadmill
Thursday, January 8 – Planned rest day (hair cut, hair color, brow tint, etc.)
Friday, January 9 – Tried different yoga videos (see below)
Saturday, January 10 – Yoga at gym (Saturday morning’s class is always one of my favorites)
Sunday, January 11 – Misc. yoga videos (see below)
Monday, January 12 – Unplanned rest day
Tuesday, January 13 – Planned rest day – hair appointment + birthday dinner

I decided to try GaiamTV for yoga. They are offering the first month for 99 cents and after that it is less than 10 dollars a month. They seemed to offer the most options of all the online yoga sites I looked at. I specifically liked the AM practice and PM practices they offered. You can filter by level, style, teacher, duration, and focus.

So, if I want to try AM practice less than 15 minutes, there are 8 different ones I can try. If you wanted to do over 60 minutes in the morning, there are 4 videos. If you want to do yoga at work less than 15 minutes, there is that option as well. There are well over 20 videos in just this category. I signed up Friday after watching a lot of the previews and then I tried bits and pieces of different workouts. There are even videos for the specific poses. I am having fun trying different ones. There are even some for meditation.

My unplanned rest day on Monday kind of through me for a loop. I had planned to do some elliptical and core barre work after a phone call that ended at 6PM. It was like a switched flipped in my head and BOOM insanely intense headache. Truly felt like my head was going to explode. Two hours later – after some essential oils, excedrin migraine medication, and time spent completely under the quilts with my eyes closed, I felt semi back to normal. Whew. I have to assume that is what a migraine is?

How are your workouts going? Any tips for not getting migraines or for stopping them in their tracks?



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