Weekly Workout Roundup

Hello! Monday, Monday! Here we go again! This weekend we celebrated my friend A’s birthday:

Ashley & Glenneth

We did two races on Saturday (both out of town) and we rested on Sunday. Whew!

Let’s talk workouts . . .

My workouts for last week:

Monday – Sick
Tuesday – 30 minutes walking on treadmill (still sick)
Wednesday – 30 minutes weights + 20 minutes treadmill
Thursday – Core Barre
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 2 – two-mile races (tons of steps)
Sunday – Rest/Recovery

In the morning I walked a 3K race and placed 2nd in my age group. In the evening, I did a walk while hubby ran a 5K. In both cases I got a medal. BLING! It is very rare for walkers to get medals, so this was a double surprise.

Two Medals

This week’s plans:

Monday – Weights
Tuesday – Core Barre
Wednesday – TBD
Thursday – Walking at Lunch
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Fun Walk
Sunday – TBD

How was your weekend? Big week ahead? Do you plan your workouts or wing it?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Weekly Workout Roundup”

  1. this tired mama be winging it like ALWAYS 🙂
    here’s hoping its a great one for us BOTH.