Weekly Workout Roundup

Good morning and Happy Monday! I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Friday was super busy and super productive. By 8AM I had blogged, taken a shower and gotten dressed, gone to Target, and had my tire fixed (nail) and tires rotated). Then a full day of work, some chores, and dinner with friends. Saturday was cleaning, yoga, laundry, more cleaning, chores, packing for Sunday, and more.

Yesterday I headed to the TDF Studio in Elizabethton for TDF HIIT IT certification. I love this format of class. I also love it allows people to work at their own intensity and level. And, high intensity does not have to mean high impact.

Glenneth and Dana

Not only was I sore from the class, I was sore from the driving. When you normally only drive 5 miles a day, driving over 100 miles each way is a huge difference (and PITA). Plus, the entire way back it rained/stormed. By the time I got home I had a sore booty and a massive headache.

Now, let’s talk workouts . . .

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – ABC + 20 minute treadmill + Core Barre
Tuesday – ABC + Rest
Wednesday – ABC + Strength Workout
Thursday – 20 minute walk outside
Friday – ABC + Rest
Saturday – ABC + Yoga
Sunday – ABC + HIIT IT Certification (and lots of driving)

In case you forgot, ABC stands for the Train Dirty Fitness Abs & Booty Challenge I am doing this month. Every day you do jumping jacks, squats, and planks. I am doing modified (i.e., low impact) jumping jacks. I have also decided to take every 7th day off from this challenge. Every now and then you just need a break.


This Week’s Workouts

Monday – ABC + Rest Day
Tuesday – ABC + Strength
Wednesday – ABC + Core Barre
Thursday – Strength
Friday – ABC + Rest or Walking
Saturday – ABC + TBD
Sunday – ABC + Yoga

How do you plan to #MoveItMonday? Even if only 10 minutes, try to get some activity in today. Be sure and check out #MoveItMonday’s website for some workout ideas.

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week ahead?

This week is a 31 C&C Meeting, our 31 team is having our own meeting, a women’s networking lunch, mother/daughter shopping trip, and possibly cheering on hubby at a trail race. Going to be a busy one!

Have a healthy day!


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