Weekly Workout Roundup

Good morning and Happy Monday! I am still recovering from our super late night out Saturday. Getting to bed at 3AM just does not work for me. We left home about 9:30PM to drive out of town for hubby to do a midnight race. By the time we got home after the race and ready for bed it was 3AM. Then my body naturally woke up at 6AM. UGH! Luckily we had planned to rest and relax most of Sunday.

I did do some food prep on Saturday. I made some healthy chicken salad, healthy trail mix, frozen grapes, and hard boiled eggs! I am ready to start this week out right!


Now, let’s talk workouts . . .

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – No workout – migraine caused by stitches in my eye
Tuesday – Hair cut and color
Wednesday – 20 minute treadmill, 10 minute elliptical
Thursday – Lean & Strong Strength Workout, 15 minute treadmill, 15 minute elliptical
Friday – ABC*, 20 minute treadmill, 7 minute elliptical
Saturday – ABC and housework
Sunday – ABC and mowing the yard

ABC stands for the Train Dirty Fitness Abs & Booty Challenge I am doing this month. Every day you do jumping jacks, squats, and planks. I am doing modified (i.e., low impact) jumping jacks. Come join me in this challenge. You can break the movement up throughout the day if you need to.


This Week’s Workouts

Monday – ABC + Core Barre
Tuesday – ABC + Lean & Strong Strength Workout
Wednesday – ABC + Core Barre
Thursday – ABC + Lean & Strong Strength Workout
Friday – ABC + Rest Day
Saturday – ABC + Yoga
Sunday – ABC + TDF HIIT Training

I didn’t make a Core Barre class last week so I am aiming for two this week. Also aiming for a yoga class to stretch my body before Sunday’s drive and HIIT training. With the ABC challenge I will wind up doing 350 jumping jacks, 350 squats, and 350 seconds of planks during the week.

How do you plan to #MoveItMonday? Even if only 10 minutes, try to get some activity in today. Be sure and check out #MoveItMonday’s website for some workout ideas. Want to try something new? Here is a kettlebell routine I put together:

Kettlebell Cardio

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week ahead?

I don’t actually have any huge plans for the week and I am okay with that. Work, workouts, and relaxing. Plus at some point a much needed pedicure.

Have a healthy day!


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