Weekly Workout Roundup

Hello! Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! Guess who I saw Saturday morning? All the bunnies! Yes, momma bunny and both babies were out playing on our patio when I woke up. It was terribly cute as it looked like they were playing tag. I did manage to get a few photos (of course):


Now, let’s talk workouts . . .

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week was pretty non-existent after my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning. You can read more about my diagnosis of Morton’s Neuroma HERE. I allowed myself time to get everything together – inserts for shoes, pads for shoes, topical compound for food – and to just accept the fact that Core Barre and yoga won’t be a part of my life for a while. That makes me very sad as I was really getting to know the other ladies in the classes (especially Core Barre).

Monday – 20 minute treadmill + Core Barre
Tuesday – 31 Open House
Wednesday – Shoe, insert, and foot pad shopping
ThursdayYounique get together (more on this in another post)
Friday – Planned Rest Day
Saturday – 30 minute walking / taking photos at Cove Lake
Sunday – 30 minutes biking

So, definitely not a stellar week for workouts. I will say that biking yesterday was great. I concentrated on keeping my arms, elbows, and hands relaxed and didn’t have the issues from the week before. That was a huge success.

This Week’s Workouts

Once again I have quite a few events planned in the evening, so I will have to make the best of my time at the gym.

Monday – Zumba (first time to take a new gym)
Tuesday – Hubby birthday dinner
Wednesday – Insanity (first time ever to take)
Thursday – Hair cut and color
Friday – Walking (either outside or on the treadmill)
Saturday – TBD – Could possibly have an all day 31 event
Sunday – TBD – either a class or biking outside

I am getting more used to the inserts and pads in my shoes (and have more on the way). I am also remembering to put the topical treatment on twice a day.

How do you plan to #MoveItMonday? Even if only 10 minutes, try to get some activity in today. Be sure and check out #MoveItMonday’s website for some workout ideas. Planning on walking today? Send MoveItMonday a #walkie, a selfie while walking, on Twitter or on Instagram!

Take a #walkie

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week ahead?

Have a healthy day!


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