Week of Workouts & Yoga Online Suggestions

Hello! Thanks for all the love and support on my announcement of my online health and fitness coaching business.

Time For Fitness

Let’s talk workouts. I want to share with you what I have done since the first of the year.

Thursday, January 1 – New Year’s Day 5K. My Samsung Gear Neo measured 3.59 miles at 60 minutes. It was most definitely a long 5K. Apparently we were supposed to make a turn earlier but the volunteer got confused.
Friday, January 2 – Did a 15 minute arm workout with a figure 8 tube. Could definitely feel it during and after.
Saturday, January 3 – Sick/Rest Day
Sunday, January 4 – 20+ minute outside easy walk
Monday, January 5 – 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill
Tuesday, January 6 – 10 minute Barre3 total body video
Wednesday, January 7 – TBD – Probably walking on the treadmill or elliptical

I don’t think I mentioned it but Tuesday the 30th I went to the doctor with suspected ear infections. While she couldn’t see any ear infections, because of my symptoms and the fact that our area is rampant with illness right now, she put me on a nasal spray and a z-pack. I am still not 100% and much more congested now than when I went to the doctor. So, I am trying to keep my workouts short and fairly low intensity/low impact.

I had actually intended to try out Body Attack at the gym yesterday, but the thought of moving with intensity for an hour just did not set well with me. Maybe next week I will feel more like myself. Right now my goal is to move some and not throw up.

While I could feel bad that I have not done more, I am celebrating the fact that I have been moving some. I am listening to my body. I will tell you Monday’s workout – the first 20 minutes, I felt great and was going gung-ho. By minutes 25 I needed off the machine and to a bathroom. I managed to stick it out so I totalled 30 minutes.

Now, share something with me. I want to do some small yoga sessions (10-30 minutes) here at the house. What apps or websites do you use for this? I don’t want something that just shows me pictures, I want like a real session (follow along with the instructor). I would also love if it were FREE (or like a 99 cent or $1.99 app).



2 Responses to “Week of Workouts & Yoga Online Suggestions”

  1. The only Les Mills class I really loved was Body Combat. I could do it everyday. LOL
    I’ll keep an eye on the yoga thing. I would like something like that for myself too since I cannot find classes here during the few hours I’m free.

  2. I’ve been doing yoga off of youtube for free! I follow Yoga With Adrienne and really like her workouts. She has tons of different lengths and types of yoga workouts, and she’s super non-intimidating! Definitely try it out!