Wednesday’s Weekly Workout Roundup

Hello! Happy Hump Day! We have been having some amazing weather here in Knoxville. It got over 60 yesterday. Sadly it appears to all start going downhill today with at least 5 chances for “frozen mix” in the next 10 days.

Time For Fitness

Let’s talk workouts.

Wednesday, January 14 – 30 minutes on treadmill, 15 minutes on elliptical
Thursday, January 15 – Women’s Shooting Club (more below)
Friday, January 16 – Haven’t got a clue (seriously didn’t log anything, not a clue)
Saturday, January 17 – Yoga at gym (Saturday morning’s class is always one of my favorites)
Sunday, January 18 – 60 minutes walking outside while hubby ran trail race
Monday, January 19 – Shooting/Date Night
Tuesday, January 20 – 30 minutes walking on treadmill

Not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but I recently obtain my carry permit. All through the Fall I practiced shooting with hubby and in December we took our class and filled out all the forms necessary. A nearby gun range has a women’s shooting club that I joined last week. The first class was two hours and an hour and a half was spent with classroom training. We learned a lot about self-awareness and being cautious (whether or not you are carrying a gun). The final 30 minutes was spent on the gun range.

This was the first time I have ever practiced at a target like this. I think I did pretty good.

Five Bulls Eye

How are your workouts going? Have you ever shot a handgun?



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