Watermelon, Nuts, Water & A To-Do List

Hello and Happy Monday! Well, August certainly didn’t start out great for me. I spent the weekend home sick (cold/bronchitis like symptoms) and have another round of hives on my face. Luckily I didn’t have anything planned for the weekend, so I was able to stay home and rest. I am not 100%, but hoping to make it through the day at work. I am ready to get out of this house.

Guess what today is? National Watermelon Day AND National Grab Some Nuts Day! Two of my favorite things!

Watermelon & Nuts

Watermelon is so yummy in the summer and nuts are great year round. My favorite nut? A tie between cashews and macadamia nuts. Do you salt your watermelon? I do. But I don’t like salt on nuts.

2015-07-29 20.17.05

Yes, you! Drink your water. It is oh so important. Check out these 9 reasons to drink water.

2015-07-29 20.17.12

And finally, today’s to-do list –

2015-07-30 11.18.13

What’s your favorite nut? Do you like watermelon? Salted or unsalted?



6 Responses to “Watermelon, Nuts, Water & A To-Do List”

  1. We are so excited to celebrate today 🙂 frozen, blended into sorbet with a dash of lemon juice!!!

  2. Watermelon straight up – no salt! But I do have a yummy gazpacho recipe that uses watermelon too.

  3. Salt on watermelon and nuts! I didn’t know we had these two events to celebrate, but I bought watermelon and nuts yesterday!

  4. Watermelon no salt. Going to my favorite fruit market to buy one this morning. We always have nuts for snacks. Cashews are my favorite.