Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Happy Hump Day and Day Before Christmas Eve! Today is my last day of work until January 4th! Twelve straight days off. This will be my longest time away from work in years. I am sure it will go by in a flash.

Winter IS approaching (even though it doesn’t feel like it here in Knoxville). Does your fitness routine change during the winter? Do you do more or less outdoor activities? While I hate walking 5Ks in the rain (I won’t do it), I love walking them in the snow. Trail walking in the snow is even better. This was the day after Christmas five years ago (before I started the blog). Hubby and I played around in the Chimneys. It was COLD, but beautiful. Fingers crossed for another white Christmas in the mountains so we can visit (especially since we have a Jeep now).

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My Walk Your Way to a 5K Program is still on sale for $47. It will go up the day after Christmas. Get it now and start whenever you like (next week or after the first of the year).

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What’s your favorite winter fitness activity?



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