Walking Here & On The Beach

Hello and Happy Hump Day! So far this seems like a LONG week. Luckily tonight is date night with hubby – dinner at our favorite restaurant and then the Survivor premiere. Then tomorrow is girl’s night out! WOOHOO!!! Gotta schedule fun into every week!

Last night we went walking. It is so nice to be out without dripping sweat the minute you get out of the car. We are having great weather. Not really Fall yet, but somewhat cooler than summer. It is always so great to see so many people out walking, running, riding their bikes, or walking their dogs. I swear I can feel my thighs shrinking when I walk – LOVE that feeling.


Speaking of walking, back in May, I shared a review with you for Bokos sandals. I keep these shoes in our kitchen so that if I am running outside (to get the mail, water the plants, etc.) I can slip something on. Ever since I first saw them I figured Bokos would be perfect beach shoes. I was right.

These were the shoes I wore every day to the pool and down to the ocean. On our first afternoon, Mom and I had been sitting at the pool and decided to go hop in the ocean. Not thinking, we didn’t wear any shoes down to the water. HUGE mistake. The bottoms of our feet were burnt by the hot sand by the time we got to the water. It was truly painful to walk. After that, we both wore shoes and just left them in the sand. The Bokos kept my feet COOL on the hot sand. And being bright pink they were easy to find where we left them when we got out of the ocean.

Bokos With Feet

One of the best things about Bokos is they clean up beautifully. See all the sand? Once back at the hotel, I rinsed them off under the spigot and they were good as new. At $18 (they have gone up a couple of dollars since my review), these are definitely worth purchasing before a beach vacation. There is no point getting $50+ sandals or shoes wet or full of sand when the Bokos sandals are perfect for the task!

Bokos With Sand

In full disclosure, I did receive my Bokos for free (back in May), but they did not pay me to write this post nor the one in May. I truly would spend my own money to buy these shoes. Not only are they great shoes, but they are MADE IN THE USA.

Speaking of walking, I found this great walking infographic from Everybodywalk.org. Check it out (click to enlarge):


Walking can burn off pounds, reduce your chances of catching a cold, extend your life, and more. You can walk pretty much anywhere and don’t really need any special equipment (although I do recommend sturdy shoes). Walk during lunch, after dinner, anytime!

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Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “Walking Here & On The Beach”

    • walking on the beach is amazing! i got some great sunrise and sunset photos i need to share. love the ocean! miss it already!

  1. Walking on a beach is one of my favorite things to do on vacation! I tend to forget time and walk faaaar one way, so I have to walk faaaaaar back! 🙂