Walking 101: Where to Walk, What to Do, & Walking Websites

Welcome to Walking 101! Are you ready to start walking? Here is your Walking 101 guide – where to walk, what to do while walking, and some helpful walking websites.

Walking 101

Walking 101: Where to Walk

Ready to start walking but not sure WHERE to walk? Here are some ideas:

  • Your neighborhood. Grab a neighbor, a dog, a child, or your iPod and walk your ‘hood.
  • Looking for a house? Walk a couple of neighborhoods you would like to live in to check them out.
  • Check your local mall to see if they offer early hours for walkers. This is great if it is too hot/cold outside, raining, or if you are walking alone.
  • Greenways and trails are perfect places to walk. Many of them are shaded – which is great for the summer heat – just be aware of what is going on around you.
  • Some area churches have fitness facilities for their members. Have you inquired at your church?
  • A gym. There is always a treadmill (or 20). Some gyms have walking/running tracks.
  • Your den, in place. Great for rainy days or when you just can’t leave your house.
  • Work in an office with stairs? Walk them before work, after work, during lunch, or during your breaks.
  • Beautiful day? Walk around your office building.
  • The ZOO! Check out all the animals and get in a walk at the same time.

Safety tip – If you are walking alone, make sure someone knows where you are, what path/trail you take, and when you are expected back. You might consider carrying a whistle or mace along with your cellphone.

Walking 101: What to Do While Walking

Not going to lie, sometimes I get bored walking (especially at the 30-minute mark. Here are some things you can do while walking:

  • Listen to music! This is one of my favorites to do while I walk. I always find the better the music, the faster I walk.
  • Listen to a TV show or movie. I do this also. I have quite a few videos on my iphone and sometimes listening to them is what motivates me.
  • Walk with a friend. Walking always seems to go faster when you are walking with a friend or two.
  • Phone a friend. Don’t have a friend to walk with? Call one and catch up!
  • Enjoy the scenery and stop to take pictures! Especially when walking in new areas, stop and enjoy your surroundings and take a picture or two.
  • Plan your day/week in your mind. Think about what you need to accomplish that day or during the week. Have a phone with a voice recorder? Leave yourself notes.
  • HYDRATE! Don’t forget to drink your water.

Walking 101: Walking Websites

Here are a few walking websites to check out:

Ready to start walking and looking for a plan? Check out my Walk Your Way to a 5K ebook.

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15 Responses to “Walking 101: Where to Walk, What to Do, & Walking Websites”

  1. Love your recommendations for what to do while walking. It can get so boring sometimes

  2. I love that we both posted about walking today! I thought of you as I was writing my post because in many ways I consider you and Carla Birnberg my experts on all things walking. 🙂

  3. WALKING is SOOOOOO under-rated!!! Thank YOU for showcasing just how beneficial it can be!! 🙂

  4. I think theses walking posts are telling me I need to step up my game! I did great last week with my steps most days got over 15,000 steps a day, this week not so much! Great article and worth sharing!

  5. What a great resource! Walking is an amazing, and very sustainable, way to stay healthy and be fit. It is a great workout, and great to share with friends!

  6. This is an excellent resource! When I walk (or run) I usually listen to audiobooks. But sometimes I just enjoy watching the world go by.

  7. I love this! This year I will be walking in my 7th Susan G Komen 3-Day! I’d like to add a tip: Check out the “Charity Miles” app! You turn it on when you start your walk, run, or bike ride, and it donates money via ads to the charity of your choice (from a list)! Do good for others while you do good things for your body! 😉

  8. Yay, I love this! I walk wherever and whenever possible! Part of why I wanted an apartment close to where I’m working is so that I’d be able to walk to/from there every day! It just so happens to pass by my gym along the way too! ;P

  9. I’d add the tip: do some good for your neighborhood. Forever ago, my family “adopted” the road our house was on. This gave us the responsibility to make sure it was clean of trash and debris. This is a perfect family-engaging activity, that involves a lot of walking and bending over, and is good for the environment! We always ended up with a big bag of garbage and a big bag of recyclables.