Walk Your Way Sneak Peek Challenge

Ready to take charge of your health in 2016? Ready to make this year your healthiest ever? Then fill out the form below to participate in my FREE 5 day Walk Your Way to a 5K sneak peek challenge starting February 15th. Want more info? Keep reading!

Walk Your Way to a 5K

The Walk Your Way Sneak Peak Challenge will run for five days starting February 15th. There will be mini challenges surrounding each of the 5 areas of health and wellness. You will receive an email each day packed full of info and tips. You will also have the chance to ask me questions about walking 5Ks and more.

To sign up, just enter your name and email below! Simple and easy!

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What’s one of your 2016 goals/resolutions? What area of health and wellness do you need to focus on?



3 Responses to “Walk Your Way Sneak Peek Challenge”

  1. Sounds like a great plan. Headed to work today main goal is stay consistent and be better than last year.

  2. My goals: blog more (not starting off so great with that one), find balance, move more and drink more water/less soda!