Use Walking to Start Running!

Hello! While I am out getting colorful at The Color Run, Kate is taking over my blog today! Hope you enjoy! After you finish reading Kate’s article, run on over to her blog, Run With Kate, where I am guest posting.

I’m Kate, and I blog at Like Glenneth, I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador, and am lucky enough to have Glenneth guest posting on Run with Kate today. Glenneth reminds me that walking is pure enjoyment, and for this obsessive runner-nutter, it’s good to remember to walk and enjoy it!

When Glenneth and I first talked about the swap, it took a little while to think of a suitable topic. I love running as much as Glenneth loves walking, and at first we wondered what on earth we had to share. And then we realised…

I haven’t always been running. And I thought back to how I got started. So today, I’m writing about how you can use walking to start running, should you be up for the challenge.

A week ago, I ran my first marathon. Before you roll your eyes and avoid the crazy lady post, I want to explain myself. I don’t use this fact to convince you that you should run one too (but if you do, let me know!). I’m using it as a point of comparison. One year ago, I could run six kilometres. Two years before that, I wasn’t even walking (unless it was at night, and only ever on my way to the pub). Yet last week I ran the whole distance.

And all of it starts with a simple walk.

So many of us get down on ourselves when we try to run and then realise we have to walk. We give up, dejected, and forget about why we even bothered starting. Yet walking is all part of the process.

A lot of runners have heard of the Galloway method, or even the Couch to 5km. When I was first sidelined with injury, I was only allowed back to running if I promised to take substantial walk breaks. It must have been worth it, because I can no longer imagine myself as a non-runner.

So how do you use walking to start running?

Here’s one suggestion, based purely on what I had to do to return to running after injury.

Try to get out for a walk/run 3-4 times per week. If you like to exercise more, add in some other activities, like cycling, the elliptical, yoga, or even a good walk! And of course, these times can be extended with walking.

Remember that you can stay at any level as long as you want! The weeks are only suggestions.

Week Time Run/Walk Ratio
1 Build from 10 to 20 minutes 3 min walk/1 min run
2 20-30 3 min walk/1 min run
3 10-20 2 min walk/2 min run
4 20-30 2 min walk/2 min run
5 10-20 1 min walk/3 min run
6 20-30 1 min walk/3 min run
7 15-30 1 min walk/4 min run
8 30-40 1 min walk/4 min run
9 15-30 1 min walk/5 min run
10 30-40 1 min walk/5 min run
11 15-30 1 min walk/6 min run
12 30-40 1 min walk/6 min run
13 15 mins + Continuous running

Let us know what works for you – and happy run/walking!



I’ll be back soon with some colorful pictures of The Color Run!

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