Updating My 13 For 2013 Goals.


Welcome to June! May passed in a blur it seems. Just doesn’t seem possible that we are starting the SIXTH month of 2013. While I don’t love the heat of the summer, I do love all of my flowers and you will continue to see them here and on Instagram.

A new month means it is time to update my 13 goals for 2013.

My 13 for 2013 Goals

1. Become a Health Coach by graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

UPDATE: I am almost 3/4 of the way through the health coaching program. I am currently seeing three clients and love it. I will officially graduate in September. This one is definitely on track.

2. Walk 13 5Ks in 2013.

UPDATE: I have walked 4 5Ks so far, click on the link to read my recap:

Still recovering from surgery and taking it slow and steady. Since there has been a slight complication with the nerves in my foot, I am definitely not pushing anything. I hope to begin walking 5Ks again in August and already have 2 lined up. Fingers crossed I can complete this goal – it will be close.

3. Save $$$ each paycheck.

UPDATE: Still on track with this one and so proud of myself. Especially proud that I have savings “buckets” for different items including retirement, vacation, and Christmas.

4. Get a raise/make more money.

UPDATE: I got a small raise at work in March. I hope to supplement my income through health coaching once I graduate in September. I am also encouraged that our company had a fantastic May and hope to have another raise (or maybe a bonus) by the end of the year.

5. 2:30 minute plank. I want to be able to hold a plank on the elbow for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

UPDATE: Completely on hold.

6. Blog 5x per week.

UPDATE: Actually thought I hadn’t completed this one for May but checked my numbers and was right on it. Blogging 5 times a week gives me some much needed flexibility.

7. Do something different with family or friends once a month.

UPDATE: Cinco De Mayo celebration with our friend A, movie with hubby (we RARELY go to movies), high school graduation dinner for our friend’s son, mother/daughter shopping afternoon, and a Memorial Day cookout at our friend A’s house (she has a new sunroom).


8. Special Project. I am not ready to share what this is, but I started it last month. I thought it would be a quick thing but it turning out to be larger than expected. I think a year is certainly a great time limit.

UPDATE: This is completely on hold for now. I will be changing this goal in July.

9. Toned arms for the summer. Since I have to be careful with how much walking I do for the next little while, I want to concentrate on my arms. I want to go sleeveless this summer and look BUFF.

UPDATE: Like planks, completely on hold.

10. Eat and drink mindfully or intuitively. I will talk more about this later and even have a special guest post coming up. I am not planning to count calories or points. I am not planning to log everything I eat in 2013. I am planning to make better decisions and be mindful about what I eat. I am also not giving up any food – it is all about “adding in” and moderation.

UPDATE: I have done a couple of blog posts on this. You can check them out here and here. I am actually doing Jamie’s 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge. It has been very eye-opening and expect a blog post once I complete all 21 days.

11. Do something out of my comfort zone. Leaving this one open to see what the year brings. Quite possibly it will be sky-diving with my husband’s niece and nephew.

UPDATE: Starting with three health coach clients. Definitely new to me talking to people one on one about their health. I am loving it though.

12. Utilize my bike more. Like I said in another post, I am not setting any mileage goals for 2013. However, we neglected our bikes this year and I want to change that. I love my bike and we have some great places to ride around Knoxville.

UPDATE: Per doctor I am not allowed to bike or spin right now. My poor bike is lonely.

13. Be Happy. Live. Love. Laugh. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

UPDATE: May was a pretty busy and pretty fun month both at work and outside of work.

As I mentioned before, I will review the goals each month and in July re-evaluate to see if I need to alter my goals at all. I also created a Pinterest board as a visual representation of my goals.

How are your 2013 goals coming? Anything big planned for June?

Enjoy your day!


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    • Glenneth

      Thanks Susan! I am on Day 19, so hopefully next weekend I will write my post about intuitive eating.