Updating My 12 Goals for 2012 – Sept

Hello! Can you believe it is September 4th already? Back to work today. Going to be a crazy, busy week. A short work week with 2 appointments for testing – an MRI and an ultrasound this week. I will be working through lunch today and Thursday and bought stuff at Kroger yesterday to take.

Couple of photos from yesterday:

Since we are into a new month, it is time to update my 12 for 2012 goals. Here we go!

1 – Reduce spending by using up items we have before buying others.

*** I could definitely be doing better at this one and have put myself on a tighter budget for the next couple of months. I do still plan to buy the new iPhone when it comes out, but I have money put aside. For the household (groceries), I am doing great. We pretty much ran out of everything this week and a trip to the store was a necessity yesterday.

2 – Donate old/unwanted clothes/household items to KARM or Goodwill.

*** 7 bags donated to date. Must find time to go through our storage room and donate more.

3 – Complete a race longer than a 5K.

*** This one is complete!

4 – Save 10-15% of each paycheck. Now that I am back working full-time in a fairly stable job, time to start the savings again.

*** 8 months successful at this one. Every paycheck I have saved 15%. WOOHOO!!!

5 – Try CrossFit and Spinning (at least once each).

*** Not only have I tried Spinning, I have taken two classes this week. Love it. I plan on two classes per week through September and October. Crossfit is still pending.

6 – Become Google AdWords certified. Professional goal to help with my job.

*** Still in progress. Need to be certified by October 15th. Will keep you posted.

7 – Learn to cook one meal per season. As you know, I am not a cook. I would like to learn to cook one complete meal (edible and healthy) each season.

*** I am not sure this one will ever get off the ground. I do make a great salad and some mean smoothies.

8 – Walk/Bike/Elliptical at least 500 miles. Last year I completed 450+, so I am adding 10% to that number.

*** Still behind on this one due to our lack of biking. January – August 2011 – 273 miles. January – August 2012 – 188 miles. With spinning, I have a chance to catch up. However, with possible surgery later this year, who knows. Either way, I have completed 188 miles this year and I am proud of every one.

9 – Utilize craft room (make handmade cards, gifts, etc).

*** The craft room is becoming my 31 office. At least it is being used. And is clean.

10 – Blog at least 5 times per week.

*** On track.

11 – At least 1 – 5 day vacation and 2 weekend getaways.

*** Folly Beach with Mom – check. 31 National Conference – check. Just waiting on October getaway with hubby for The Color Run.

12 – Continue all goals to become healthy and get to feel great weight. These include logging what I eat on a regular basis, following my online personal trainer’s plans, and more.

*** Still making progress on this.

How are your 2012 goals coming?

Enjoy your day!

4 Responses to “Updating My 12 Goals for 2012 – Sept”

    Im way behind on mine…and ahead ๐Ÿ™‚ all at the same time.

  2. I can’t believe how quickly this year is passing too! You’re doing great on your goals. I’m totally behind in my goals too. I hope that everything goes OK with your MRI and ultrasound this week.