Trapped in the Diet-Binge-Cycle From Hell?

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Isabel’s Stop Fighting Food program. However, I went through (and paid for) this program myself last Fall and it is has completely changed my life and how I see food and myself. I would not be an affiliate for this if I didn’t believe in it and Isabel 100%. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to email me.

I spent years of weighing myself every morning and letting that determine how I felt about myself and what I ate during the day. I went from heavy restriction to eating everything in sight. I was constantly thinking about my next meal, my next snack. I have counted calories, portions, macros, points, you name it. Then I found Isabel.

Stop Fighting Food

Do YOU feel crazy around food? Do YOU think about food constantly? Are YOU always on a diet? Do YOU feel out of control around food? Do YOU use food as a coping mechanism? Do YOU restrict yourself from eating certain foods and then have periods where you eat large quantities of that food? Do YOUhave poor body image or low self-esteem related to your body size and/or food behaviors?

If you feel depleted and frustrated by countless weight loss attempts…..

If you feel trapped in the diet-binge-cycle from hell…..

If you identify as an emotional eater”…..

If you feel out of control in your behavior around food…..

If you believe there is “something wrong with you” that you can’t eat like “normal people”….

If thoughts of food, dieting, and weight consumes much of your life…..

If you struggle tremendously with poor body image…..

Isabel Foxen Duke, my friend and founder of Stop Fighting Food, is one of the most well-respected pros in the emotional eating world, contributing some very new ideas about how we can change our thought-patterns around food and weight, and finally break out of the exhausting diet-binge cycling behaviors that too many women find themselves trapped in — behaviors like, sneak-eating ice cream in the middle of the night; yo-yo dieting; emotional eating, and emotional eating’s painful cousin: binge-eating.

Isabel’s offering a free video training series this month, covering some of her most important concepts in changing women’s relationship with food on an emotional and psychological level. If this is a topic that speaks to you, I highly recommend you sign up to get her free vids.

Isabel won’t only address your emotional eating patterns — she’ll help you end all the crazy-making food and body thoughts that instigate those patterns to begin with. Ya know, so food stops tempting, taunting and tantalizing you…and starts just being food. You don’t have to live your life clinging desperately to diets, only to end up with your fingers in a jar of Nutella at the end of the day. You don’t have to live the rest of your life feeling bat-shit crazy around food.

Knowing Isabel’s work myself, I can attest that this chick knows what she’s talking about and produces serious results in the emotional eating world — if these are issues you struggle with, I highly recommend that you take a look and sign up for this free video training series.

Seriously. Do this for yourself. Sign up for the free series today. Watch the videos. Isabel is AMAZING. And if you have any questions, message me.



3 Responses to “Trapped in the Diet-Binge-Cycle From Hell?”

  1. I used to base my life all around food – eating while happy, eating while depressed, eating while stressed… Then I would go and weigh myself each day. I have thrown all of that out the window and now enjoy food to fuel my body and soul. It’s such a better way of life. 🙂

  2. Ugh! I feel so sorry for those who are stuck in such a battle! It’s not fun and can be so very challenging to get out of! HOPEFULLY this series can help those who need it!