Top 5 Tips For Post-Workout Recovery

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In the meantime, let’s talk about some tip for post-workout recovery . . .

Top Five Tips For Your Best Post-Workout Recovery

Post exercise recovery routines impact both fitness and sports performance. Many experts in sports physiology agree that what you do after working out is just as important as your pre-exercise warm up session. From relaxing with a warm hot tub soak to ingesting added protein, these five tips will help support your post-workout recovery:

Adequate fluid replacement

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This may go without saying, but to get all of those nutrients from healthy food to muscles and tissues after working out, they need a delivery system. To determine how much to drink after working out, weigh yourself before and after exercise. For every pound lost, drink approximately 24 ounces of liquid, notes

20-30 minutes of soaking in the hot tub

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If you’ve ever thought of adding a hot tub to your home, now is the perfect time to help soothe your active lifestyle. A short soak in the tub can help massage sore muscles and relax tissue so that nutrients can more easily flow to target tissues. Relaxing muscles to a resting state in the warm water also helps prevent strains and injury that can result from overuse. Be sure to cool down until your heart rate lowers after working out before entering the tub to prevent overheating. If you’re going to start using the hot tub after working out, regular hot tub cleaning is essential to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Choose the right post-workout supplements

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If you read popular workout magazines or websites, you’re used to seeing hundreds of advertisements for “the best” post-workout supplements. Want to know what the best ones are? Those that have research to back them. Studies support the use of branch chain amino acids to ameliorate the negative effects of working out, such as lactic acid buildup that can cause soreness. According to The Journal Of Sports Medicine And Physical Fitness, ingestion of branch chain amino acids can help combat post-workout fatigue and even enhance lipid oxidation.

Pump up with post-workout protein

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We already know that protein helps build new tissue in the body, but did you know it’s also beneficial to help recover and build muscle after working out? Individuals who consumed isocaloric carbohydrate verses complex protein drinks post-recovery, protein drinks were shown to exert a more beneficial effect on improving muscle healing and energy. Not really into protein drinks, but want to take advantage of protein’s healing properties? Visit for the most absorbable forms of dietary protein such as eggs, yogurt and salmon.

Cool down exercises to wind down your routine

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Easing your workout to completion can result in better post-workout outcomes rather than taking it to an abrupt halt. Cooling down involves exercises that slow your heart rate, blood flow and nervous system. Consider stretches and breathing based on yoga, pilates or tai chi to faciliate the cool down process. To learn about which cool-down exercises are right for you, check out Yogajournal and Taoistsanctuary.

What are some of your post-workout recovery tips?

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  1. Thanks for the tips Glenneth..I have been working out for past many months and I have been paying attention on all these tips that you have stated above. I must say that proper workout supplements helps to a great extent during workout sessions and staying hydrated is really essential otherwise you might faint during workouts.