Top 10 Reasons to Carb Cycle

I am currently in Amanda Tress’ Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting Program. We started last Monday and the program runs for 6 weeks. In a nutshell, we eat different each day based on our calorie goal as well as a workout designed specifically for the way we are eating that day. While you “feast” on some days, you fast on other days. Every day is actually different for the most part (based on your eating goals and your workout).

This plan is different from IIFYM (if it fits your macros) in that we are eating whole foods, no dairy, gluten free, etc. IIFYM is based around eating anything (donuts, real foods, candy, real foods, cake, real foods, etc.) and making them fit within certain marcos and calorie guidelines.

Top 10 Reasons To Carb Cycle

Reason #1: All the carbs! Seriously. On Feast day, I wound up going to the grocery store just to buy more fruit to get my carbs in for the day! When you are trying to fit in whole food carbs (instead of things like cake, etc.), you will find that you eat a LOT!

Reason #2: All the protein and fats! What do you eat on low carb day? Protein and fats of course! This would explain why I am buying chicken at an alarming rate.

Reason #3: NUTS! Nuts are good for you and are perfect for low carb days! Cashews, almonds, etc.

Reason #4: Get in touch with what you are truly eating. I haven’t logged my food or food journaled in years. It is definitely eye opening to say the least. There was a good chance that I wasn’t eating ENOUGH each day or that I was having to many “empty” calories.

Reason #5: Eat all the time! Two things Amanda insists on: not weighing yourself every day (score! – note: I actually will not be weighing at all) and eating the amount of calories that My Fitness Pal says to. She DOES NOT want you going under.

Reason #5: Eat according to your workouts. Amanda designed her program not just with food, but exercise. There are even 1-2 days of rest per week. This includes include training, cardio, and full body workouts. After our workout Wednesday, my legs were SORE!

Reason #7: Fast day. Yes, once day a week we fast. It gives me a great excuse to go to Sonic for their fabulous ice:

Top 10 Reasons to Carb Cycle

Honestly my first fast day was rough. I woke up not feeling well and didn’t feel well most of the day. I also think I drank TOO much water (yes that is possible). I am looking forward to fasting again this week and hoping to be more successful.

Reason #8: Work on your math skills. Yes, there is some math involved since you are eating differently. Macro percentages and calories. Serving sizes. Using My Fitness Pal (the app) for this is KEY! You can “preplan” what you eat to see how you are doing and what else you might need.

Reason #9: It is something different. If you are trying to breakthrough a plateau or your current workout/diet lifestyle isn’t working for you, it is definitely worth trying. As long as you realize that it will take WORK and PLANNING.

Reason #10: More energy! Carb Cycling is designed to give you more energy. I will be honest and say I couldn’t really tell a huge difference this first week, but I am also weaning myself off caffeine, so that might be why. Many of the ladies in my group are already noticing tons more energy.

If you want a great resource, check out the All Day Fat Burning Diet book. If you are interested in Amanda’s program, click HERE. Her next group starts later this month and trust me when I say they fill up fast.

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Have you ever tried carb cycling or intermittent fasting?



16 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Carb Cycle”

  1. Back in the day when I competed in bodybuilding many were advocates of this approach. Because I’m a rebel ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t listen.
    Now that I’ve been an intuitive eater for….around 2 decades I find my body demands this and I do it instinctively.

    • it is definitely different and tracking the food shows me what i have been eating (and missing). anxious to see how i will feel after 6 weeks.

  2. This is so interesting! I’ve never heard of carb cycling before. I have to admit, I don’t think I’d be able to participate in an eating plan that makes you fast one day a week. I like food too much. haha! I think you’re right though that it’s different and changing things up is what changes your body! Good luck with fasting day this week! Excited to see your recap when you’re done!

    • the fasting is definitely different. i wound up breaking mine early last week because i felt physically ill. and honestly i think it was because i drank TOO much water. we will see what i think after 6 weeks on the program.

  3. So I have never carb cycled simply because I CAN’T do math. Maybe I should brush up and my skills and give it a try? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • luckily my fitness pal helps A LOT – especially if you get the premium version. i went ahead and spring for it to help with the program. but i am all the time using my calculator.

  4. Great article. I haven’t ever tried to carb-cycle but it sounds interesting. Right now my diet plan is breastfeeding. ’nuff said. ?

    • there are actually quite a few ladies who are breastfeeding that are in the group. they don’t do a true fast and obviously eat enough to make sure they have plenty of milk.

    • i really love carbs too, but i am amazed at how easily it has been for me to scale back. and it is really just 1 day out of every 5 that you scale back. the other days you eat carbs.

  5. What an interesting idea. I might need to try this once I’m done with my next half marathon.