Toe Touch Challenge by Move It Monday

Today’s toe touch challenge is the eleventh challenge in the Move It Monday fitness challenges. There is only one more after this one. Past Move It Monday Challenges:

The Toe Touch Challenge - A MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge

The Toe Touch Challenge

Today’s challenge is the toe touch challenge. Challenge a friend or co-worker and see who can do the most.

Benefits of toe touches:

  • works your rectus abdominis muscle and your obliques (your front abs and side abs)
  • can be done pretty much anywhere
  • easy to add to your fitness routine
  • requires no equipment
  • optional equipment include: floor mat, weights, medicine ball

How to do a toe touch:

  • lay flat on your back, arms at side, legs straight on ground (lay on carpet or an exercise mat)
  • make sure you are looking straight ahead to reduce neck pain
  • raise both legs up straight (make an “L” shape)
  • raise your arms up straight (now you are in a “U” shape)
  • bring only your shoulder blades off the ground and perform a crunch trying to touch your toes
  • return to starting position and repeat
  • add difficulty by holding a weight or medicine ball in your hands
  • another option is to touch left toe with right hand (and vice versa)
The Toe Touch Challenge
The Toe Touch Challenge - A @MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge. How many can you do? Click To Tweet

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Toe touches – Love them or hate them? How many can you do?



14 Responses to “Toe Touch Challenge by Move It Monday”

  1. I was hanging out with a bunch of 10-year-olds yesterday and it shocked me that I rock this and they did not. I felt pretty good about 47 πŸ™‚

  2. For a VERY long time my mom could NOT touch her toes!! Then she started doing pilates 2 – 3 times a week and within about 3 weeks, she was grabbing her feet, NO PROBLEM!!

  3. I can almost touch my toes so I will definitely challenge myself w this!

  4. I love this exercise! “and touch and tap”! My instructor loves having us do these.