Tips For Planning Your Workouts

Tips For Planning Your Workouts

Typically November and December are busier than most months, but let’s face it, we all get busy at different times of the year. Sometimes getting in our workouts is the last thing on our minds – or in our calendars. So here are some tips for planning your workouts during the busy holiday season (and beyond).

Tips For Planning Your Workouts

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule. Grab your calendar and mark off your work times. Mark off all appointments, events, etc. Now, figure out where you can fit some workouts in – and write those down as well. Don’t just assume you will remember you are supposed to be working out.
  • Be a morning exerciser. This being said from someone who does not exercise in the morning. If you CAN, try working out first thing in the morning. Then no matter what comes up during the day, you will have already gotten in your workouts.
  • Think outside your normal workout box. Maybe you don’t have time to hit the gym. Try a workout DVD or video at home or walk/run around your neighborhood. Shopping? Try 1 or 2 laps around the mall/store before you actually start shopping. Call it a scouting trip.
  • Go longer (or shorter). If you have a clear day, create a longer than usual workout. On the opposite side, if you only have a bit, even a 15 minute workout can be effective.
  • Cut yourself some slack. Feeling guilty or shamed about missing a workout (or two) won’t do yourself any good. Remember to do what you can, when you can.
  • Buy a pack of classes. Having something you just paid for on your calendar will often help with accountability. This would be a great time to try something new.
  • Schedule family time or girl time to workout. Does your neighborhood go all out on Christmas decorations? Take the family for a walk to see the decorations. Need to catch up with your girlfriends? Schedule a weight lifting session at the gym.
  • Buy yourself some motivation. Buy some new workout clothes you have been wanting or a set of person training classes. Do something to get yourself excited about your workouts.

Remember that family comes first and the holidays will be over before you know it. Schedule, do what you can, don’t beat yourself up, and have some fun.



2 Responses to “Tips For Planning Your Workouts”

  1. I love these tips! I find that if I buy or sign up for a certain class I’m way more likely to go. And I love the idea of scheduling workouts.