Thoughts from a Newbie Runner.

Last night we did the Moonlight for Sight 5K in Kingston. I didn’t do this one last year because I was out of town. Hubby loved it though, so I agreed to go.

Being that it was going to be dark and cool (possibly COLD), I wore my new workout clothes that I got yesterday at Champion in Tanger Outlet. Check out my purchases here. They were perfect! I never got hot enough to take off the jacket (the walk was actually around the lake).

I will admit that my biggest reason to NOT want to do this race was due to it being dark. I don’t mind the dark, but I don’t see very well at night. PLUS, “due to insurance regulations” no headphones on the course. I get very bored walking a 5K by myself. However, I need to do the 5K in order to get my 3rd #5kin100days workout in. I knew that today would be crazy with the baby shower I am throwing.

I did ATTEMPT my Workout 1.3 of the #5Kin100days, but I did not complete it. A couple of factors held me back. (1) Once I started running, then walking, I got very far ahead of the pack. In the dark, in an area I was not familiar with. Just didn’t feel safe. (2) The pavement was very uneven and with it being dark, I was afraid of tripping and falling. Since we all know I am a klutz in broad daylight on even pavement, I didn’t want to risk it.

But I finished the walk and had a great time. Next year if we do this race I will either (a) have a walking buddy or (b) be at the point I can run it with my husband.

A few thoughts from a newbie runner:

  • My knees don’t hurt when running. Everything else does, but not my knees. This kind of surprises me.
  • My form IS improving. While the first night seemed downright awkward, I think I am getting the hang of putting my body in a running motion.
  • I need a better place to carry my phone (which doubles as my gps, ipod, etc.) than in a waistbelt. It constantly moves when I run and bothers me.
  • Don’t run in the dark on uneven pavement. That is just asking for trouble.
  • If you are going to run in the dark on uneven pavement, a tiny key chain light won’t cut it. Get a real flashlight or a headlight or SOMETHING.
  • The bottoms of my feet hurt the day after running. Wonder if I need new shoes or better shoes? I have Brooks walking shoes that are almost brand new.

On today’s agenda – BABY SHOWER! Mom and I are throwing a baby shower for one of my oldest friends (and her best friend’s youngest daughter). I am thankful that the roofers did complete their job yesterday. Our guests can actually get to the clubhouse without walking through roofing materials and nails.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

4 Responses to “Thoughts from a Newbie Runner.”

  1. I know here I can find a group of lights that actually clip onto the peak of your hat….they seem to be quite bright and have noticed a few runners getting around with them they would be LED’s by the look of them

  2. I started to run in January and did not do it right. I ended up in physical therapy for a bit. Last month, I started again – this time the right way. Slow and steady wins the race. Now, my son and me are training to run a 5 k in December. It will be a lot of fun!

  3. I’m on week 6:2 tomorrow, I’m way overweight and have NEVER run and I’m stunned that I’m actually able to do it. I had a problem at first with the bottoms of my feet hurting but with my new shoes, there haven’t been any problems. I bought Champion shoes from Payless and they seem to be working out well. Hope the runs keep going well for you!