This or That Walking Style

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When I saw This or That Think Out Loud Thursday Running Style on Amanda’s blog, I knew I would have to play along – as a walker.

My Walking Path


1. This or that: 5k or a marathon?

Definitely a 5K. I cannot imagine walking or running a marathon. I have the utmost respect for runners especially since I normally don’t even DRIVE a half-marathon distance per day.

2. This or that: flat race in the heat or hilly race in the cold?

Hills in the cold. I would much rather be cold during a race and here in Knoxville almost all of our races have hills anyways. It’s what we are used to.

3. This or that: new walking shoes or a new walking outfit?

Tough choice. Right now I would say a new outfit since I am loving cute clothes. Check out my new Eleven by Venus outfit I just bought:

Eleven by Venus

4. This or that: walk a marathon (or any race) without headphones or Garmin?

Without a Garmin! Hopefully the race will have mileage signs throughout the course. Either way – I need my music. Currently I am loving creating playlists on Spotify!

5. This or that: race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?

Convenience and price! We do tons of local races. I will say we love one in the Fall because of the food they put out. My absolute favorite pumpkin muffins from a local cafe.

6. This or that: PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?

This is tough, I PR’ed earlier in the year knowing that I was hurting my foot. However, I still think my foot would have been hurt without the PR. Normally, finish strong, but don’t risk an injury.

7. This or that: 100 squats or 100 push ups? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]


8. This or that: run without socks or without sports bra?

Yikes. I would have to say socks although I always wear both.

9. This or that: treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?

Treadmill. Set up an iPad and watch a movie!

10. This or that: Ragnar Relay or Marathon Relay team?

Marathon Relay – surely it wouldn’t be TOO long.

11. This or that: Naked walk or naked yoga?

Naked yoga – at least the studio would be cool and enclosed!

12. This or that: Come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in NYC marathon?

I am going with the Olympics!

What a fun survey!

Answer one or more of the questions below in the comments!

Have a healthy day!


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