Things You Really Want To Say . . .

to other people at the gym! While on the treadmill for a brief 5 minutes yesterday (the guy next to me had terrible BO), I started thinking about things you really want to say to others at the gym. Let’s make a list:

  • I really have no desire to hear your phone conversation. Can you keep it down?
  • I know you need those gallon water jugs, but could you get it in your mouth and not on the floor?
  • Please wear MORE deodorant next time. There is a difference in sweat and BO.
  • I know you think your child should be the exception, but no kids under 16 in the hot tub.
  • No I won’t move my yoga mat. I was here 15 minutes before class time and class is now in progress. Please take the empty space at the front.

What do you want to say to others at the gym?



4 Responses to “Things You Really Want To Say . . .”

  1. A girl got onto the treadmill next to me last week and I choked on her perfume. It was horrible. I thought my gagging might be a hint but no luck. I actually had to change machines.

  2. One of my favorites would be, please put your equipment away after using it so the rest of us don’t trip over it!