The Week In Review – Instagram Photos

TGIF!!! I thought it would be fun to share my Instagram photos from this with you today in case you aren’t following me on Instagram. Let’s get started! (And follow me on Instagram!)

Monday afternoon our office had an emergency preparedness meeting. We planned for computer damage/theft, building issues, snow, sickness, and even what would happen if one of us died. Since we knew it would be a sad type of meeting, we decided to have it at a local restaurant at happy hour. This was my rum punch and it was AMAZING!


If your thoughts revolve around food, if the scale dictates your happiness, and if you are ready to stop fighting food, read this post.


I passed my Google Search exam Tuesday morning. I have to take exams once a year to stay certified. WOOHOO!!!


Have you tried this Chobani flip? If not, RUN to the store and get some now. Best snack EVER!


Found this on Facebook and had to share. What a great line!


If you have an iPhone, have you tried Word Swag? It is the best app ever. So many cool functions.

2015-09-16 06.04.30

Are you a fitness professional who has trouble getting found on the web? I am working on a 14 day email course to get you up and launched on AdWords in as little as 15-45 minutes per day. Leave your email below if you are interested and I will add you to the list.




SUSHI! Hubby and I had our date night Wednesday and the sushi was possibly the best ever.


Odors in your house? You need some Purification Essential Oil. Check out my post about it HERE. This graphic was made with Canva. It is for your desktop/laptop and has some great features.


Another Word Swag creation! You can CHOOSE to be happy! Wake Up! Be Happy! Two simple steps.

2015-09-16 19.54.48

As women, we need to always remember that we are good enough exactly the way we are. #goodenough (And yes, another Word Swag creation)

2015-09-16 19.57.15

Whoever orders the movies at our gym must have a crush on Tom Cruise. The past two weeks have been all movies he starred in. I had forgotten how good Top Gun is. I only saw the last ten minutes. I will be watching it today!


I set a new bench press PR last night. The tips I wrote about on Monday really helped. The biggest factor was changing my grip. This graphic was made with FitSnap – another new to me app that is only available for the iPhone.


And finally, always stop to take a minute and appreciate where you are and what you have. Even if it is just sitting on your porch for 10 minutes a day – take the time.

2015-09-17 19.09.03

Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!



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