The Ultimate Office Workout

Good morning and Happy Friday! TGIF! Ready for a great weekend? I am sure am! BIG things on the schedule today and this weekend.

First up, let’s catch up on my workouts from the past couple of days:

  • Tuesday: 30 minute walk outside, 60 second plank
  • Wednesday: 2 mile walk, 60 minute yoga class, 45 second plank
  • Thursday: TRX class with three 30 second planks in the suspension straps

Today will be a “rest” day, but Fridays typically are. Instead of going to work today, I am heading to Social Slam here in Knoxville. What is Social Slam you may be asking?

“Hosted by Social Media Club Knoxville, Social Slam is an annual one-day conference held each April in Knoxville, TN. Known for its line-up of world-class social media speakers, affordable pricing and phenomenal networking opportunities, Social Slam is one of the best opportunities to stay on top of social media trends and network with some of the top influencers in the space.”

This is the third Social Slam and I have attended all three. If you remember back in 2011, I was unemployed when I went and my goal was to network and get a job. Two WEEKS later I had a job and two YEARS I am still in that same job, which I LOVE. WOOHOO!!!

Anyways, while I am out listening to some of the brightest minds in Social Media, I am leaving you with a fabulous guest post from my friend Mike at Strength Stack 52. Looking to get your office involved in working out? Why not try this?

The Co-Worker Drop – The Ultimate Office Workout

The Ultimate Office WorkoutIf you are like most people, you spend most of your days sitting in a cubicle or office with your only exercise being a trip to the bathroom. This constant sitting literally takes years off your life. Even though the gym may be only a couple of miles away, it seems like a hundred miles while stuck in the office. Don’t worry, I have invented the perfect solution, I call this workout the Co-Worker Drop. All you need are some co-workers to play along.

If you have the Strength Stack 52 fitness cards, you can just follow the card games instructions here.

Goal: To get the most points by catching other players using drop words.

Instruction: Determine who will be playing the game. The more players involved, the more interesting the game gets. One person must be the lead player. The lead player organizes the emails and tally’s the points. A formal meeting is not necessary but an email must go out to all players informing them of the drop word. A drop word is determined by each player and can be anything from “keyboard” to “meeting” or even “action item”. Very common words like “of”, “and”, and “is” are not allowed. Once each player has selected their drop word, they email their word to the leader along with a bodyweight exercise (i.e. push-up, squat, wall sit, etc.). The leader then sends an email to all players informing every one of the drop words, exercises associated with that word, and rep count for each exercise. Once the email is sent the game begins and doesn’t end until the end of the workday (or a time determined by the leader).

For the remainder of the day, whenever any player witnesses verbally or in writing any other player saying any of the drop words, the violator must perform that exercise. One important rule is the player witnessing the violation must inform the violator within 10 seconds. You cannot go up to the violator 3 hours later and say you remember him/her using a drop word earlier. Whenever a player uses your drop word, you get 3 points. Whenever a player uses someone else’s drop word, you get 1 point. Please note, you must physically hear a player using your drop word in order to get 3 points.

As a variation, you could have all the players determine drop words for people not playing. Then, whenever a non-player uses a drop word, all the players must do an exercise.

There are dozens of variations to this game, just get creative! By performing random exercises throughout the day you are actually increasing your metabolic rate. You will find you are more attentive at work and the work day will go by much faster. Give it a try!

This article was written by Sergeant Michael Volkin, best-selling author and inventor of Strength Stack 52 exercise playing cards, a unique way to transform bodyweight exercises into a fun and competitive workout.

What is your favorite social network? Twitter? Facebook? Google+? Do you workout at your office? Any big plans this weekend?

Happy Friday! Enjoy your day!


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  1. Toni@runninglovingliving

    Love this!!! Awesome way to get in activity during the day!!