The Tale of The Crab Cakes . . .

Good morning and Happy Saturday! My body is now used to waking up at 5AM and doesn’t realize it is the weekend. So, I finally got up about 6AM. I sense a nap coming this afternoon. Since they are calling for snow, might be perfect timing. Check out a picture of me and my favorite munchkin from last night!

glenneth and sydney

Let’s talk crab cakes. The minute I saw this recipe for simple crab cakes on Abby’s blog, I knew I wanted to try them. As a reminder, I don’t cook. I really have never had a desire to cook. I can do eggs, smoothies, and salads. That’s about it.

Since Hubby and I both love crab cakes and these seemed super easy, I told him I was making dinner. I bought all of the items but the crab at the grocery store and hubby went to our local shrimp dock the day before to get the crab meat. While hubby was out running, I put out all the dry ingredients and got everything ready. While I made the crab cakes, he was going to make sweet potato fries.

crab supplies

I went down the list of ingredients one by one and added them to the bowl. I measured each one carefully. I swirled all the ingredients together before adding the crab – just like the directions called for.

starting crab

Once I folded the crab in, it was ready to be made into 8 crab balls. Instead of using my hands, I decided to use an ice cream scoop. It actually worked perfectly.

crab mix

I first put them on wax paper. We decided to freeze four for later and cook four that night.

scoop crab

Then I prepped the crab cakes for the oven. Now at this point an experienced cook can probably look at this picture and Abby’s picture and tell where I went wrong.

ready for oven

Crab and sweet potato fries sharing the oven. Another lesson I learned is that I probably shouldn’t have planned two items that needed the oven for one of my first real meals. We had to get a little creative with the temp and timing.

crab in the oven

Voila! The final showing. Ignore the sweet potato fries, half the time they burn and the other half they don’t. Can you tell how WELL DONE the crab cakes are?

final crab dish

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I was supposed to use a GLASS baking dish and not the metal pan. Apparently that makes a HUGE difference. Luckily they were edible and when we cook the other four properly, I am quite certain they will be delicious. Hubby was so nice and encouraging and we both ate every bite. And, I didn’t set anything on fire.

The MOST exciting thing to come out of this is an opportunity I have been given. I have been invited to one of my FAVORITE restaurants to learn to make crab cakes from their chef. I have never been in a restaurant kitchen before. You can rest assured there will be a blog post (or two) about this.

Please share a cooking “disaster” or mistake you have made in the past!

Enjoy your day!


11 Responses to “The Tale of The Crab Cakes . . .”

  1. I am glad you tried, but sorry they did not turn out perfectly. The glass baking dish will help and also your over might run hotter than mine so keep an eye on the next 4. However, it is very cool that you get to go to your favorite restaurant to learn. That is amazing!

    • Glenneth

      Thanks Abby! Had no idea glass was different than metal. I can’t wait to try the frozen ones in a glass dish to see how they turn out. And getting to cook in a restaurant kitchen will be a blast! Super excited about the opportunity!

  2. You know what- you got out of your comfort zone- yay! No, they may not have come out perfectly but sometimes cooking is trial and error to see what works. the important things to remember- You did it! You learned from it and you aren’t going to let it stop you from doing it again!

    • Glenneth

      Thanks Tami! Nope, not going to let it stop me. I can’t wait to try them again. Trust me, cooked correctly, I am sure they are amazing.

  3. Nothing too disastrous but I put too much kale into a crock pot recipe one time and it was DISGUSTING. The other night I attempted to make crab tostadas and they were OK but I think there were some shells in the canned crab (why didn’t I do like my mom does all the time and use my hands to go through it first?) and it wasn’t as tasty as I imagined it would be.

    The tostadas were good though and we’ll make those again. Maybe this time we’ll use shrimp.

    As you can tell, I’m no cook either BUT I am trying!

    • Glenneth

      Thanks for sharing Angie! I am going to start trying to cook more often as well.

  4. I am just like you. I don’t cook much. I have started trying though. Not brave enough for crab cakes yet, but so impressed that you did. Yay for hubby for eating and keeping his mouth shut 🙂 Great job! Thanks for giving me the courage to try too.

    • Glenneth

      Thanks Mindy! Hubby was super supportive. I can’t wait to bake the frozen crab cakes and do it right this time.