The Straight Arm Plank Challenge by Move It Monday

Hello and Happy Monday! Hope you had a geat weekend! Did you know that today is also the first official day of summer?

Today is the eighth challenge in the Move It Monday fitness challenges. Don’t forget we will be going through August with a new challenge every other Monday. Past Move It Monday Challenges:

This week’s challenge is the straight arm plank challenge! How long can you hold one? Challenge a co-worker or friend to see who can hold one the longest!

The Straight-Arm Plank Challenge

Benefits of straight-arm planks:

  • strengthen your core
  • reduce back pain
  • increase flexibility
  • improve your mood
  • improve balance and posture
The Straight-Arm Plank Challenge

How to do a plank:

The Straight Arm Plank Challenge - A @MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge. How long can you hold one? Click To Tweet

Planks? Love them or hate them? How long can you hold one?



13 Responses to “The Straight Arm Plank Challenge by Move It Monday”

    and I so so so need to make it ok for me to go SO SO SO SLOOOOOOOW and not focus on time but form.
    Im in.

  2. What a fun challenge, I’m sorry I missed the previous weeks! I do enjoy planks and haven’t done the straight arm variation in a while…not sure how long I would last!

  3. I love planks because they are so great for strengthening the core. I hate them because they’re so hard. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also don’t usually try to go for time, though I once held a forearm plank for 5 minutes just to see if I could. Instead I (and I have my clients), really focus on form and bracing the entire core for as long as I can. It works wonders!

  4. I’ve been following a plank schedule for the month of June. I’ve been doing straight arm plank because holding plank on my elbows aggravates my low back. So I’ve had this debate with myself whether I am cheating or not! But I’ve worked up to 150 seconds and I can feel it, so I don’t think I’m cheating it! This schedule takes us to a 4:00 plank….we’ll see!