The Reverse Crunch Challenge by Move It Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!

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Okay. Today is the sixth challenge in the Move It Monday fitness challenges. Don’t forget we will be going through August with a new challenge every other Monday. Past Move It Monday Challenges:

This week’s challenge is the REVERSE! See how long you can hold one!

The Reverse Crunch Challenge - A MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge

The reverse crunch is a safe and effective way of building core strength for people without lower back issues. It primarily works the rectus abdominis and obliques, with assistance from the transverse abdominis — all of the major abdominal muscles. {source}

The Reverse Crunch Challenge

It is important to maintain proper form when doing a reverse crunch. Here is a fabulous video that shows you how:

The Reverse Crunch Challenge. A @MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge. How long can you hold one? Click To Tweet

Reverse crunch? Love it/hate it? Favorite core exercise?



9 Responses to “The Reverse Crunch Challenge by Move It Monday”

  1. I used to incorporate reverse crunches into my routine all the time before I had kids! :):) They are super effective! I need to start doing them again!

  2. I love working on my core but I’ve been slacking lately. This reverse crunch challenge is the nudge I needed to start working on my abs!