The Pushup Challenge by Move It Monday

The Pushup Challenge

Hello and Happy Monday! This is the fifth challenge in the Move It Monday fitness challenges. Don’t forget we will be going through August with a new challenge every other Monday. Past Move It Monday Challenges:

This week’s challenge is the PUSHUP CHALLENGE! See how many pushups you can knock out in a row!

The Push-Up Challenge

It is important to maintain proper form when doing a pushup. Here is a fabulous video that shows proper pushup form (the full version and some modifications):

The Pushup Challenge. A @MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge. How many can you knock out? Click To Tweet

Pushups! Knees or toes? Love them or hate them?



10 Responses to “The Pushup Challenge by Move It Monday”

    and well maybe I dont love em all that much but just so so so much more than BURPEES? πŸ™‚

  2. Pushups are one of those love to hate exercises for me. They really are an all-over upper body workout, but they’re hard!!! At this time I could probably knock out 10 full pushups. Maybe πŸ™‚

  3. I always try to do as many as I can without my knees on the floor. Then I switch. I do prefer planks though !

  4. Toes and I love them! My favorite is push ups on 4 medicine balls. Accomplished. Boom.

    Great challenge Glenneth.