The Original Worm – A Review

Disclosure: I was sent The Original Worm for free to try. I was not asked to do a blog post or review and I was not compensated in any other way. You can read my full disclosure policy HERE.

The Original Worm

I was super excited when I was asked if I wanted to try The Original Worm. The Original Worm is a massaging body roller. Not going to lie, the fact that it came in pink was a huge plus for me. You can get The Original Worm in two different sizes and two different colors.

The Original Worm is a total body massage roller that provides relief from stiffness, pain and stress in muscles and joints through myofascial/trigger point release.

Unfortunately, while my physical therapist was really interested in The Original Worm, I have been told not to roll my foot on anything. However, there are stills dozens and dozens of uses for it. You can even use it in your car when you are driving behind your back. This would be great for long road trips! You can target your back, neck, feet, glutes, hips, and arms. Think about all the endless uses!

The Original Worm

I love that it comes in a carry bag and is so portable. You could easily pack this for a trip or in your gym bag. Sit all day at your office? Carry it in your office day and use it throughout the day to relieve the stiffness and knots you might get.

Check out how you could use The Original Worm in your yoga class!

The Original Work - Yoga

{source: The Original Worm website}

The Original Worm is offering a 15% discount now through September 28th on their website Please enter the special code FITGAL15 during checkout and receive 15% off.

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If you are a fan of foam rolling or know that you need to be rolling parts of your body, you might want to consider The Original Worm.

Do you roll? What are your thoughts on The Original Worm?



One Response to “The Original Worm – A Review”

  1. I TOTALLY want one of these. It looks like such an amazing tool.. I love to foam roll, and I know this would work great on my tight hip flexors!