The One: Finding Your Fitness Passion

Hello and Happy Friday! Hope ever everyone had an amazing 4th! Skipping the Fabulous Friday Five today, but don’t worry – I will share some tweets and posts tomorrow or Sunday. In the meantime, have you found your fitness passion?

Maybe you’re fitness-phobic or only show interest in that latest fitness fad. After a few workouts and couple months, you’re bored and onto the next one. Perhaps you’ve been going to the gym for years mindlessly stepping onto the elliptical and pedaling on the stationary bike while reading Us Weekly. Finally, you admit that your gym exercises have been like spinning on a hamster wheel. Not only do these exercises have little impact on your body, but your apathy toward them is just as disheartening. 

You’re ready now to be truly passionate about being active. It’s time to develop a real relationship with an activity or regimen that makes your heart race and keeps you challenged— physically, mentally and emotionally. If you’ve admitted that you’re ready to let go of your past, then you’ve already taken the first step toward finding the right one. The second step? Stepping outside your comfort zone.

Put Yourself Out There

Wherever you feel comfortable, avoid it. Anything that makes you uncomfortable, go for it. The most rewarding and effective workouts are the ones that seem impossible to achieve, until you conquer them like a haus. Are you intimated by strength training and clueless about weights? Dispel the myth that lifting weights will bulk you up like a competitive bodybuilder. Strength training actually builds muscle. Muscle tones the body and burns fat. Start by asking your gym for a personal training session to learn about proper, basic lifting. Tread into the weights section at the gym or invest in dumbbells and fitness resistance bands for home. Doing exactly what you’re not used to doing will get you results and closer to finding your true connection with fitness.

Photo by Maria Ly via Flickr

Be Open & Vulnerable 

You can’t easily give up on or talk yourself out of a new workout that you’re trying. If you’re a first-time yogi, for example, it’ll take some time to get used to and comfortable with all the poses. While on your mat, everything will feel new and exciting, yet probably scary. Embrace the newness of participating in yoga as a newbie and trust that your instincts are telling you it’s right. Yoga is more than stretching, which is what most non-yogis criticize it as being. Practicing yoga engages the body, empowers the mind and awakens the soul. Experiment with different styles of yoga, such as Bikram or Vinyasa, to determine with which you connect best.

Photo by via Wikimedia Commons

Be Committed

All aspects of your life require commitment for success. For instance, if you’re looking for a career change in the field of health, you have to be dedicated to researching nursing degree courses online or learning about the skills necessary to be a physician assistant. If you want a health fitness change, you have to be just as dedicated to staying active with your new regimen. So you’ve given CrossFit a shot, and you’ve fallen fast and hard. After years of monotonous running and mundane exercises like sit-ups, CrossFit is unlike anything your body has ever endured and your mind has ever been challenged with. Every workout is distinctly different, and results are a given. Commitment to CrossFit is essential though. Not only are you committing to a fit lifestyle, you’re committing yourself to challenges and growth — and only then will your relationship last and be effective.

Photo by Lululemon Athletica via Wikimedia Commons

What’s your fitness passion? What is one activity you would love to try but haven’t? What is one activity you are too scared or uncomfortable to try? Have you tried anything and absolutely hated it?

Enjoy your day!


5 Responses to “The One: Finding Your Fitness Passion”

  1. MHA (Missy)

    I like yoga but at a gym several years ago, each class was all the same, focused on stretching, not strengthening. It wasn’t what I needed at the time. My point is you may have to look around for the right teacher / style class. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Glenneth

      You are absolutely right! For me the best teachers are the ones who demonstrate the pose/sequence, but then watch the class to make sure everyone is doing it correctly. Some instructors are there solely to get in their own workout, not to make sure you get in yours.

  2. My passion right now is running.

    I really want to try zumba or barre, but it’s really tough to coordinate mine and my husband’s schedule for me to take a regular class.

    I have tried and hate yoga. Granted, it was while I was pregnant, but I was miserable for those classes and while I don’t mind 30 minutes of power yoga here and there, I don’t think I will ever go back to a regular yoga class.

  3. My fitness passion is definitely running! I would like to, but I’m a little scared to try cross fit.