The Leg Raise Challenge by Move It Monday

The Leg Raise

The first Move It Monday Challenge was the lunge hold challenge and the second challenge was the forearm plank challenge. In case you are new, we are doing these challenges every other Monday through August!

This week we are challenging people to try the leg raise challenge! Why do a leg raise? It helps strengthen your lower back! It works your lower abdominals and your hip flexors.

Tips for a proper leg raise:

  • Put a mat on the floor and lie down flat. Arms out to the side with your palms facing down.
  • Make sure that your head, legs and bottom are all in contact with the floor.
  • Engage your stomach muscles
  • Slowly lift your legs (try for a 45 or 90 degee angle), keeping your legs straight and not bending at the knees.
  • Hold as long as possible then slowly lower the legs back down.
The Leg Raise Challenge
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Share your results in the comments below! What’s your favorite leg exercise?



12 Responses to “The Leg Raise Challenge by Move It Monday”

  1. One of my goals after my marathon is to increase my core strength. My CrossFit coach has me do a lot of core moves but we both agree I could use a little more! What a great challenge. Everyone is planking and they could be doing this!

  2. I’ll be doing it later. I was trash after the WOD today. LOL I’m so curious about how much time I’ll be able to hold….

  3. This exercise is surprisingly challenging, especially when you focus on really engaging you core and pushing your lower back towards the floor ๐Ÿ™‚