The Forearm Plank Challenge by Move It Monday

The Forearm Plank

The first Move It Monday Challenge was two weeks ago, the lunge hold challenge. How long did you hold one? This week we are challenging people to try the formarm plank challenge!

Tips for a proper forearm plank:

  • Your legs should be about hip width apart.
  • Flex your feet and tuck your toes under. The balls of your feet should press into the floor.
  • Elbows bents. Forearms on floor. Palms facing down.
  • Tighten your abs.
  • Look down at floor keeping your back straight.
  • Don’t let your hips get too high or let them sag.
  • Don’t forget to BREATHE!
  • Hold as long as possible!
The Forearm Plank Challenge
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Share your results in the comments below! What’s your favorite “plank” type exercise?



12 Responses to “The Forearm Plank Challenge by Move It Monday”

  1. Over the weekend I said to a family member – – we were at a wedding – – my back is killing me I need to do planks again. “You look fine” was her response. If only my back thought that :-)– – I’m in

  2. The plank is such an awesome exercise! I like to do marching planks or another variation where you still move, otherwise I lose focus and tire so fast!

  3. I struggle with planks but I know when I can do them, I’ve gotten stronger. Thanks for sharing this and it gives me motivation to try again.

  4. Every time I hear forearm plank I think of when I did 21 dfx a couple years ago “so many people think forarm planks are easy, they’re not they are a full body exercise”. I love adding these as well as other planks to strengthen my core and help with posture. They are a great exercise to fit in when you have a couple minutes, just before bed or waking up, and especially great for on the go since there is no equipment needed!

  5. You just can’t beat a plank! I try to throw a 5 minute one in the mix maybe 2 to 3x a week. It’s usually my shoulders that start screaming first!