The Dirty Dozen Arm Workout

Cleaning up another popular post like I did for Monday’s HIIT Workout. Again, if you are a blogger and have been blogging for a while, check your old posts.

This is one of my favorite workouts – all arms! 12 exercises, 12 reps each. You can easily do this at home or in the gym.

Dirty Dozen Arm Workout

While I certainly believe you can wear tank tops and sleeveless regardless of your size, many people want “toned” arms for summer. Why not start now and get ahead of the game? It will be a win/win in that you will be getting stronger AND toning at the same time. Add this workout to your routine twice a week!

Just like the H.I.I.T. Pinterest board I created, here is one filled with arm workouts!

What is your favorite body part to work? What is your favorite arm exercise?



3 Responses to “The Dirty Dozen Arm Workout”

  1. This is STILL one of my faves and something which is so easy to fit in ANYWHERE over the holidays!