The Bunny Hop!

One bunny, two bunny, three bunny, four!

We went biking at the Turkey Creek Greenway last night and one of my favorite things to do is count bunnies! One morning I counted 11 of them. Last night I only managed to spot 4. Didn’t get any pictures last night (hard to do while biking) but here is one I took a few weeks ago when I was just learning to bike:

Baby Bunny
Baby Bunny

It was another nice night for a bike ride. Cranked out almost 8 miles. My legs felt every one of those miles though. Especially my thighs. Even accused my hubby of tampering with my bike to make it harder to pedal.

Today is more than likely a rest day. Thinking my legs are just tired and sore and could use a break.

What are your plans for today?

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