The Answer To Walking Longer

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Yesterday after work I spent 60 minutes walking on the treadmill. Why? I am prepping for another 5K. I have not done a 5K in well over a month and want to make sure I am ready. My Fitbit was quite happy with me when I finished.


My legs and feet were even happier when I took them for a pedicure immediately after. My toes are now naked – no polish – and they will stay that way for the winter.

Speaking of walking, I am excited to bring you a guest post about how to walk longer with less to no pain. Check it out!

The Answer To Walking Longer, Farther & Easier With No Pain: Yamuna®

Walking Longer

As we age, our muscles and joints tend to develop little aches and pains, making normal exercise such as walking more and more difficult. We also tend to become more susceptible to injury and soreness after walking. This leads to many of us shying away from the exercise we need, for fear of getting hurt. But did you know that there is a way to prevent the aches, pains, soreness and injuries? There is! It is an effective all-around treatment for muscle soreness and joint pain. If used as a supplement to other exercise, it can prevent injury. It is called Yamuna® Body Rolling.

Yamuna® Body Rolling was developed by Yamuna Zake, as a tool that anyone can use anywhere, to heal the problems that arise within our body structure. It is easy, relaxing and freeing and it turns you into your own physical therapist. Even after the first session, you will find your stamina for walking and other exercises increases dramatically.

YBR® works the body to open up your joints, increasing your range of motion. Yamuna® routines follow a logical path to carefully work the kinks and stiffness out of each of our muscles. It allows you to effortlessly focus on specific aches and pains as well as injury-prone areas.

You will find, after you try Yamuna® Body Rolling, that your body is more flexible, and your muscles will begin to look toned. You’ll feel your posture and body alignment straighten out with ease. You will also find that you have much, much more energy as all those little sore spots start to melt away.

All of these benefits add to an increased ability to sustain a regular walking regimen, or any other form of cardio workout. If you find that your body is prone to damage, swelling or discomfort after your routine exercise, start to incorporate some Yamuna® Body Rolling and you’ll be walking further, longer and easier than ever before.

Guest Author: By Christine Kay. Christina Kay is a Yamuna® Body Rolling practitioner in Vancouver, Canada. More about Yamuna® can be found at

I am never tried any kind of ball rolling or foam rolling or anything. Guessing I should give that a try?

How do you walk or run longer, farther, easier with little to no pain? What do you do to prevent boredom?

Have a healthy day!


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